Review: Eden by Cupcakke

by Olivia Langenberg

Features and Lists Editor

I have absolutely no time for anyone who doesn’t think that Cupcakke is genuinely talented. I’ve been a loyal Cupcakke fan for years-some of my fondest memories feature her songs in the background. This girl cranks out music like nobody’s business. Eden is her second album of the year, and it’s packed full of 12 more masterpieces. Yes, Cupcakke raps about sex. A lot. But her flow is genuinely incredible and I find myself constantly blown

away by how clever her lyrics are. Plus, how crazy is the juxtaposition of raunchy songs about sex with her final track, “A.U.T.I.S.M,” which gives much-needed love to kids with autism? I’d love to include some of my favorite lyrics in this review, but we only get so much wiggle room here at the paper. What I will include, however, is a clean line that had me rolling: “He fainted as soon as I spoke / Like Wendy Williams, heat stroke.” Please tell me how she comes up with this stuff.

Another song that took me by surprise was “Cereal and Water.” Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect either. Believe it or not, Cupcakke this track is deep.  It features lines such as: “Crazy how y’all pin blacks against each other / ‘You too dark for blonde hair, look at your skin color’” and “That’s funny when abusers ain’t locked away / They in the crib giving more beats than Dr. Dre.” Cupcakke is so much more than what you all think of her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning your sexuality and writing incredible songs about sex, however, she really shines on tracks like these. Cupcakke is only 21 years old, but she has talent beyond her years, and I’m so proud of how far she’s come. Please give Eden a genuine listen. She deserves it.

Favorite Track: “Garfield”

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