Review: Garden of the Titans by Opeth

by Christian Decker

News Editor

I reviewed a lot of interesting albums for the paper, but I’ve never done a live album before, and I must say what an album to start out with. This performance was in support of Opeth’s newest album “Sorceress”, one in a series of three albums in a very progressive rock style, moving away from the prog death metal identity of the past. Most of the songs from the album are from this era, including the title track, “The Wilde Flowers”, along with “The Devil’s Orchard”, “The Cusp of Eternity”, and “Era”.

Although personally I’m more of a fan of the death metal stuff, the clean vocals here really hammer home a cool groovy feel that still packs a little punch with the guitar. Complete with witty banter throughout the album, and very few cuts between songs, it makes for a great live performance that makes you feel like you’re there listening.

Along with the newer songs, they also played some fan favorites, “Ghost of Perdition”, “Demon of the Fall”, and “Deliverance”, all of which are some of my personal favorite Opeth classics. In the middle of the album they also played one of their acoustic ballads off their album “Damnation”, released as a double album with “Deliverance”. This song is one of the most gorgeous things you’ll ever hear, I absolutely love it and playing live and hearing the crowd participation makes me want to cry. Despite my love for this song, when they played “Demon of the Fall” near the beginning I lost it because it’s such a fucking banger! Excellent live album, I highly recommend.

Favorite Track: “Demon of the Fall”

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