Review: “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande

by Claire Nunez


Ariana Grande’s latest single, “thank u, next” is taking over. Following her recent breakup with SNL actor and human embodiment of an eye bag, Pete Davidson, all eyes have been on the Grande. The romantic trauma she must have faced in the past few years is astounding, and “thank u, next” is an anthem for anyone and everyone who has had similar heartbreak experiences.

It is a relaxed tune that honestly starts off a bit depressing. The song starts out by Ari thanking all of her exes– Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, and Mac Miller– for teaching her patience, love, and pain. When I first heard “thank u, next”, I was confused. Really, you’re going to thank these questionable men? And then I started thinking about how I would thank my exes: “Thought I’d end up with J****, but we didn’t like each other much. Spent lots of time with A***, but he was the worst and now I just laugh.” Then, Ari took a turn.

She met someone else–HERSELF. Ariana goes on about how she is super strong and can get through anything. She really turned “thank u, next” into the most iconic diss track ever. Ariana Grande really did that. She decided to stand up and say “hey, I am doing okay and I am learning from this heartbreak.” That is something we can all resonate with.

“thank u, next” isn’t really anything super novel in regards to vocals or instrumentals. It sounds like it could have come off her latest album sweetener, which came out just a few months ago. It is a powerful song full of emotion– which is what makes it so incredible. We all face traumas, but we can grow and better ourselves from them.

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