Lets Take a Trip: Acid Edition

@fupaper: acid and LSD are the same

by Anonymous

Staff Hippie

I have always been fascinated by distortions of reality. Optical illusions, dreamlike sequences, and all things psychedelic prove that so much more exists than what we experience in the material world. Our imaginations are nearly infinite, but how do we unlock that creative subconscious? Some can do it more easily than others. Some prefer a little extra nudge.

I never thought I would try a hallucinogenic drug. I’m relatively straight-edge and a diligent student, and I thought experimenting with psychedelics would contradict this aspect of my identity. I had also been exposed to research on how certain drugs can trigger schizophrenia if a person already has a biological predisposition for the illness, to say nothing of the fact that everyone has heard horror stories of “bad trips” as well. And ultimately, I had no idea where I would even acquire such a drug. Yeah, I had a weed plug, but could they double as my one-time trip plug?

Despite all the trepidation, I decided to try LSD. My close friend had tripped a couple times before and was excited to share my first experience with me. She bought two tabs off a reliable source and told me what to expect. Don’t be afraid to verbalize what you’re seeing. If you don’t talk about it, it can feel isolating, she told me. She showed me an intricate pencil drawing she did the last time she dropped acid. I knew I was ready because I was more excited than nervous.

We drove to the beach around sunset, laid out a towel, and placed the tiny squares on our tongues. I could feel my heart racing from sheer eagerness. My friend told me it took up to an hour to kick in and that you have to be careful to not touch the tabs because the chemicals can seep into your skin and get you high that way too. After some time had passed, I kept expecting a sudden change in my sense perceptions. I wanted my entire environment to shift into something you’d see through a kaleidoscope, but that didn’t happen.

In hindsight, I know that my friend and I definitely tripped, but the strange thing is that it wasn’t insanely drastic. It’s possible that the tabs we took were not super potent, but I would rather it be that way than overly powerful. At one point, my friend and I were lying down and looking at the night sky. The beach was deserted and the sound of crashing waves seemed to envelop my body. There was nothing eerie about it. I felt at peace. The sand felt incredible between my fingers. The stars appeared to dance overhead and my friend and I swear we saw the body of a gigantic woman lying on her back in a distant rock formation.

We laughed and discussed stereotypical high people shit like the universe and our theories about life. Nearly five hours had passed, but it didn’t feel long at all. We sat on the beach a little longer in case we experienced any more visuals and then walked to a nearby diner where we feasted on burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

My experience with acid was exceptionally positive. I remember it fondly and am not opposed to experimenting with other hallucinogens in the future, although I don’t want to make it a habit. If anyone reading this is considering trying a hallucinogen, I recommend doing it in a familiar environment with someone who has done it before. Just be safe and don’t do it if you feel pressured.

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