Demanding Visibility: Fordham Community Writes Open Letter Concerning Trans Rights

Fordham Students and Faculty write open letter concerning Trans rights

by Christian Decker

News Editor

This Wednesday at Lincoln Center at 5:15 p.m., there will be a rally for trans rights. This rally comes in response to the leaked memo that the Trump administration is considering rescinding the protection of trans people in the country and denying trans people their existence. In addition, Fordham groups, the Positive Coalition, Rainbow Alliance, Students for Sex and Gender Equality and Safety (SAGES), Coalition for Concerned Students, PRIDE Alliance, Coalition Against Relationship and Sexual Violence, and Women’s Empowerment, have co-signed an open letter to the Fordham community condemning the Trump administrations hateful policy and continued erasure of trans identity.

“We stand firmly in support of transgender, gender non-conforming (GNC), intersex, and queer students at Fordham.” pens the members of the groups. “The Trump administration’s choice to interpret Title IX in this way is a choice based on fear, hatred, and a nearly pathological inability to empathize with a group of people that this administration has chosen to ignore, misunderstand, and make more vulnerable time and time again.” Strong words from people who are fed up with being erased.

In addition the members of the groups called on the Fordham administration  to do more to protect transgender students on campus. The cite an inability of the administration and by extension, many of its student and faculty, to recognize transgender students preferred pronouns and by definition, their existence of campus in the first place. They demand immediately non-discriminatory housing policies that protect trans students as well as adopting a campus wide policy of using correct gender pronouns to identify students, both in the classroom and out.

If you support the rights of trans people everywhere in the United States and not just at Fordham, please show your support at the rally at Lincoln Center Plaza this Wednesday.


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