Captain Marvel Soars onto the Big Screen

The MCU finally has a female-led film, and she is indomitable and indispensable

by Anastasia Lacina

Staff Superhero

The first Captain Marvel trailer dropped at 8 AM on September 18th, and I actually hauled my ass out of bed to watch it the moment that it was released.  It did not disappoint.

Captain Marvel is the next installment in the MCU, and it stars Brie Larson as the titular hero, Jude Law, Gemma Chan, Lashana Lynch, and Ben Mendelsohn.  Also returning to the franchise are Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, and Lee Pace.

So far, the only description we have of the film is this: “Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.”  But from what we know of the Captain Marvel comics, as well as the information we got from the trailer, I think we can safely deduce several things.  The film will follow Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who gets abducted by an alien race called the Kree and is imbued with their powers.  Several years later, with very little memory of her home planet, Carol returns to stop an alien invasion by the shape-shifting Skrulls.

Now, if some of you are confused as to how this fits into Infinity War and (spoiler alert) Thanos’ Snap, don’t worry!  Captain Marvel takes place completely in the 1990s.  And although it is set decades before Thanos’ quest to collect all of the Infinity Stones, there can be no doubt that the events of Captain Marvel will be heavily influenced by the third Avengers film.

But let’s set aside the fact that this may be the most important MCU movie to date, given that Carol has already been confirmed to be the game-changer in Avengers 4.  Let’s also put aside the fact that this is Marvel’s first female-led solo film.  Let’s just focus on the film and trailer itself.

The trailer begins with Carol unceremoniously crashing into a Blockbuster, which is A+ 90s nostalgia.  Soon enough, Nick Fury (with two eyes!) finds her.  She explains to him: “I keep having these memories.  I see flashes…I think I had a life here, but I can’t tell if it’s real.”  Interspersed with Carol’s alien present are the images from her human past—fingers lingering over her fighter jet, playing baseball as a little girl, and flashes of the abduction which gave her powers.

For the first time, we see the elite military team that Carol leads, called Starforce.  Among their members are Mar-Vell (played by Jude Law), who comic book fans may recognize as the original Captain Marvel before Carol took over the role in 1977.

In between overlapping images of Carol’s past and present, the words “Discover what makes her a hero” appear (which sent chills down my spine, I won’t lie).  And the trailer ends with Captain Marvel’s iconic blue and red suit with the star on her chest (a uniform which isn’t sexualized!), and Carol “powering up” as energy bursts around her and consumes her eyes.

The release date pops up – March 2019 – and boy, could that not come soon enough!

Marvel fans have been both excited and nervous about this film.  Captain Marvel is one of the most beloved Marvel characters of all time, especially to female fans, and there has always been concern about the MCU getting her character wrong.  I think most fans can dismiss those worries after this trailer, however.  The female-led team behind the film have Carol’s character well in hand, and Brie Larson not only looks the part, she acts the part too.

Although some fans have raised concern that Carol’s characteristic snark and sarcasm will be lost in such a serious portrayal, I have faith in the creative team behind the film.  One screenwriter actually addressed these concerns, saying: “Captain Marvel has a very funny voice, and [the movie is] more of an action-comedy…Carol Danvers is one of the funniest comic book characters.  She’s so sassy, she’s such a smartass, she won’t take shit from anyone…it was important that the entire Captain Marvel creative team [kept to that].”

Of course, there has been sexist backlash to the trailer – when is there not sexist backlash to something that women are excited for?  The comments section of this trailer is currently filled with male trolls, telling Brie Larson that she needs to “smile more.”  Once again, male nerds demonstrate that they simply cannot stand a compelling and serious female narrative.

Well, their loss is our gain.  I, for one, will be first in line when Captain Marvel tickets go on sale in late February!


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