Donald Trump continues to normalize the absurd

President Donald Trump holds his fourth solo press conference and goes crazy again

by Suresh Hanubal

Staff Trump Correspondent

On 26th September 2018, President Donald Trump held the fourth solo press conference of his presidency. President Trump most likely held this conference in order to fight back against his administration’s numerous scandals, as well as the incredibly controversial nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The presser also took place only one day after Trump was laughed at while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly. This should have been a fairly straightforward speech by Trump. However, as with all things the President seems to be involved in, the conference quickly derailed and devolved into utter absurdity.

The 80 minute conference produced a number of memorable (yet extremely un-presidential) lines, as the President jumped from the trade war with China to his own long running “fame”. One topic in which Trump spent a particularly inordinate amount of time on was Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh. He defended Kavanaugh by comparing the accusations of sexual assault that the nominee has faced to his own. Specifically, Trump said “I was accused by four or five women who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me.”  He implied throughout the presser that the allegations against Kavanaugh were in a similar vein, aka not of merit. In the current tense and polarized political environment that the nation finds itself in, these comments can be seen as insensitive. In addition, Trump harped on the fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did not bring up these accusations at an earlier time as evidence of the nominees innocence. This is a common talking point among a number of figures, but it ignores the trauma and shame that can result from being sexually assaulted.

North Korea was another major subject of discussion at President Trump’s presser. He said that he didn’t want to play the “time game” with the hostile East Asian power. By this it can be presumed that he meant that the United States could wait out on negotiations with North Korea until they further gave into our preconditions and demands, as we have the upper hand. However, as with most of the rest of the conference, this portion was filled with incoherent rambling. Therefore, it was often difficult to parse exactly what Trump was insinuating in each of his pronouncements. On a related note, Trump also discussed China at length during the presser. Perhaps the most widely quoted comment on China from this particular conference was that the government and people of China have much respect “for Donald Trump’s very, very large brain”. Again, as in the North Korean case it is very difficult to truly understand what Trump is saying here. Although it can be presumed that he said this in order to deflect from rumors that Chinese and other global officials find Trump to be unintelligent. Another thing that Trump talked about at length during his press conference was his incredible amount of fame. Specifically, he proclaimed that he is “a very important famous person unfortunately”. In a conference filled with random non-sequiturs it was a very fitting statement. As the United States is currently renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico, Trump also felt it necessary to make pronouncements on the state of the deal. He specifically attacked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his negotiation team, stating that he disliked the Canadian negotiator and was unhappy with their “mistreatment” of the United States. He further elaborated that Canada was “taking advantage of” America, through NAFTA.

On a lighter note, throughout the conference President Trump said a number of unverified and rambling statements. One of these was Trump pronouncing “You know I got 52% with women. Everyone said this couldn’t happen — 52%”. Trump in fact only got 41% of the Women’s vote. Another amusing statement that he made was “This whole room would be filled up with hundred dollar bills.” The list goes on and on, with nearly everything he said during this hearing being unintentionally funny. Although it may be great entertainment to hear the President of the United States say such ridiculous things in press conferences, it is incredibly worrying for the political health of this country that this is even happening.

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