Incredibles 2 is Incredibly Good

by Camille Vitale

Staff Super

Over the summer, the blockbuster Incredibles 2 hit theaters everywhere and it was an absolutely amazing movie I did not know I needed. First of all, they addressed the ending of the previous movie where the Underminer tries to take over the city. Even though he is not the ultimate villain of the movie, I thought the way the film used Violet losing her mask as one of its many plot points was pretty cool. It made us wonder what would happen if someone saw her in the mask. It was super dramatic, so go watch it (#nospoilers).
A theme consistent throughout the story was Elastigirl, who takes the lead in the movie from the beginning. Winston Deaver, a character who wants to make superhero activity legal, states that after some conducting some studies, it would be better to have Mrs. Incredible fight crime while Mr. Incredible stay at home. This lead to a switch in gender roles, where Mr. Incredible becomes the stay at home dad who is taking care of his kids’ problems, while Elastigirl solves crime. Mr. Incredible learns to deal with things like boyfriend issues, math homework, and super hero babies who cannot control their powers. Elastigirl receives a new super suit and motorcycle in order to help her fight crime and builds up a good reputation as a superhero. This creates some tension between her and Mr. Incredible. Elastigirl also feels guilty for being away from the kids, but very invigorated about having a career of her own.
Jack-Jack gets his time to shine, with his scenes looking at first like normal baby moments until he becomes invisible, walks through walls, or turns into a monster. This leads to scenes where Jack-Jack’s powers becomes slapstick comedy for the movie. Violet’s boy problems also become a part of the plot because she is tired of being a superhero and just wants to be a normal teenager. One of my only criticisms of the movie is that Dash did not have as much screen time as the other characters. Do not get me wrong, he still had a great part in the movie, but I feel like he didn’t get as much character development as he could have.
Another cool thing in this movie is that there are a lot more superheroes out in the open, not just Mr. Incredible and Frozone. Frozone is hilarious and awesome, and really makes the movie in between the different action scenes. Lastly, Edna Mode makes an appearance and yes, she is my favorite because she is hilarious and over the top and I live for it – she’s just fabulous.
Another cool thing about this movie is the Screenslaver, the main villain, who uses technology to hypnotize its victims. The villain cyber-attacks television stations and train controls in order wreak havoc on the city. After a screen is hacked, it projects glittery lights that put everyone in a vegetable-like state. The Screenslaver also uses hypnotic glasses to control its victims. The Screenslaver wants to force superheroes back into hiding by ruining their reputations.
There is also better color saturation in this movie compared to the first, which is noticeable but not distracting. The movie’s 1960s setting combined with its futuristic vibe is another reason for loving the movie. The old-fashioned cars and modern decor in the houses allows the movie to be not only pleasant to watch, but also entertaining. This movie is insanely well written, from how funny the script is to how the plot develops, and it’s a great movie for everyone. Highly recommend, 10/10.

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