Wouldn’t it be Great if Orientation was Longer?

No, no it wouldn’t

by Conor Lutts

Staff Freshman

To whomever this may concern,

I have a problem with New Student Orientation, one that I think every other freshman will share:

It’s too short.

Honestly. As a freshman entering into Fordham, I did not expect to have to figure out things on my own; I expected to be taught. The New Student Orientation team really dropped the ball on this one and not just the beach ball that had some questions on it. How was I supposed to know that I was not supposed to drink random liquids strangers give me at off campus parties? What was supposed to teach me about that: the two hour long AlcoholEdu session, the Prevention Session Loyola had me attend, or the Introduction to Wellness campaign? I am a freshman at the Jesuit University of New York; I need things repeated at least five times before I can even start to comprehend what is being said.

I think I speak for every single other freshman on this one when I say that we should start much earlier than 8:20 a.m. That gave us a full twenty minutes to eat breakfast before we had to go meet with our small groups. Twenty minutes. Think of how many strange social games we could have played in the meantime. The possibilities are endless. If I were the head of New Student Orientation, I would not stop at 8 a.m. Why not 7, 6 a.m.? Trying to meet people on your floor and form some genuine friendships? Sleep? Who needs that? From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you should be with your small groups.

Another thing I would change if given the immense responsibility, is to have an entire weekend devoted to sitting in McGinley’s Second Floor Ballroom, listening to the sounds of students chattering in the hallways in between classes. What if someone had never heard of a conversation before? What if someone did not know where their classes are and just wanted to see where they had to go because they had back to back classes in FMH and Dealy that Wednesday? Clearly that is not a crucial detail for your college experience.

I would also like to know whose idea it was to schedule the five different ‘Welcome To Fordham’ ceremonies because their order was fantastic. They started off with the candle lighting ceremony, the one possibly most steeped in tradition. Following that up was a half-hearted glow stick rave outside of Walsh Library the next night? Clearly they saved the best for last.

I think I speak for every freshman when I say that New Student Orientation was too short. So short that crucial details, such as where classes were, breathing room to digest information, and time to maybe explore campus on our own were cut for the sake of brevity. Honestly, if the International students get one extra week of explaining that the big field outside of Keating is called ‘Edward’s Parade,’ or as the kids say it, ‘Eddies,’ then why don’t we all?

Yours Truly,

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