Review: Bloom by Troye Sivan

By Olivia Langenberg

I’ve been waiting for Troye Sivan to release new music since I saw him at Terminal 5 two years ago. I was sweaty. I couldn’t see that well. But I felt so alive and it was awesome. When I found out Sivan was releasing Bloom at the end of August, I was fucking psyched. Prior to the release of his sophomore album, Sivan released “My My My!” as the album’s first single, which was an absolute bop. I blasted that shit in my ‘06 Volvo like it was no one’s business. Sivan then released “Dance To This” featuring Ariana Grande. Can you believe this is the actual anthem of the gays? Sivan and Grande’s voices are both so sultry on this track, it gets me feeling some type of way.

When the entirety of Bloom dropped, I was both elated and slightly bored. On the first listen through the whole album, I was a little underwhelmed. Some of the songs blend together and they aren’t that memorable. But once I gave it another listen and really paid attention to the lyrics, I got off my high horse and realized that Bloom is a masterpiece. And aren’t we all here for flower metaphors about being a bottom? While some of the slower songs aren’t immediately striking, once you get into the lyrics, they really shine. Bloom shows how much Sivan has grown and figured himself out since the release of his first album, Blue Neighbourhood. It rocks.


Favorite Track: Lucky Strike

Listen to Bloom by Troye Sivan below.

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