Review: Let’s Go Sunshine by The Kooks

By Grace Lyons

The Kooks are back with their seventh album called “Let’s Go Sunshine.”  The album is a tribute to the confusion of youth, focusing on rebellion, loneliness, and romance.  At times the lyrics feel uninspired and simple, but as usual, The Kooks leave listeners with a few feel-good tracks.

The album’s lowest point comes at the second song, “Kids.”  The song is a raucous and somewhat pouty homage to nonconformity, joining tons of other two-dimensional songs about rebelling against some unspecified figure of authority.  The album picks up with “Chicken Bone.”  The upbeat melody is juxtaposed with lyrics chronicling the hardships of city life.  Towards the end of the song, front man Luke Pritchard chants “like a stone”, invoking the haunting and untethered feeling of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.”  The album reaches a new level of depth with “Tesco Disco”, a song starkly different from the pack in both texture and lyrics.  “Tesco Disco” paints a sentimental portrait of a girl from the singer’s past, and chronicles the sweet, trivial moments that make up a young relationship.  “No Pressure” is the closing track, and it brings a much needed feeling of levity to the album. Smooth and energizing, the song feels like a release of all of the tension built up in the previous tracks.  “No Pressure” reminds the listener what The Kooks are capable of when they drop the superiority complex and create a song with genuine emotion behind it.


Favorite Track: Tesco Disco

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