Tales From a World of Warcraft Veteran

My experience and joy playing the world’s greatest role-playing video game

by Christian Decker

News Editor

The term “safe space”, is often thrown around by both liberals and conservatives in their political diatribes. Safe spaces are often pictured as areas were people can escape our harsh political climate, or where whiny college students go to complain. In this case, a safe space is quite apt to describe my experience playing Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for you non nerds), “World of Warcraft”, or WoW, for short.

WoW continues the story of the game “Warcraft”, Blizzard’s RTS (Real Time Strategy” game. It takes place on the World of Azeroth, and explores the conflict between the races of the Alliance and the Horde, and their shared struggles against the likes of the Burning Legion, The Lich King, Deathwing the Destroyer, and many other threats.

I first came into contact with WoW through my best friend, Noah, while we were still in kindergarten. His dad got him and his brother into playing it as a kind of bonding thing. Noah would always try to get me to play it with him and I was very interested, but at the time my parents were strict about which video games I could and couldn’t play.

Fast forward to the Christmas of my 8th grade year. My parents bought me the game and I pretty much ripped it out of the box I was so excited! I spent the rest of the day downloading the game and finally made my first character, a dwarf hunter named Bearmonger (8th grade me wasn’t good at naming things), because he had a pet bear, whom I named Thor. Thus my journey into that magical world had begun, and it hasn’t stopped even now, with its new expansion on the way a month from now.

To me, World of Warcraft was an escape from my reality. My middle school years kind of sucked. I got made fun of a lot and I wasn’t mature enough to be able to just brush it off or throw an insult or two back. WoW provided an opportunity to become something unique in different in a world so different from our own, yet strikingly similar in some aspects.

It was also an opportunity to reconnect with my friends. When I got to middle school, the people who I came with were also involved with the band program, but soon left to join  track. In the game, we were able to fight alongside each other to kill bosses and other players and I still have very fond memories of our adventures.

More recently, I haven’t been able to play as much as I used to with school and work and all the various social activities that Fordham has going around. I still plan on playing for a long time and hope that I can recruit some of my friends here into playing as well.

The thing about this game is that regardless of the trolls and assholes that sometimes roam around in the dungeons and battlegrounds, I have been at peace. It’s a good game to log into and forget about your problems for awhile. It’s the game I’ve come back to consistently, despite the many breaks I’ve taken.

In the future, though it may seem immature, I hope to still be playing with my friends. Exploring new worlds, battling new enemies, and finding better loot!

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