Review: Immortal’s new album, Northern Chaos Gods

This come-back album brings pure black metal fury, and fans are here for it.

by Christian Decker

News Editor

It’s been 9 years since legendary Norwegian black metal band Immortal released their album All Shall Fall.  After the departure of their lead vocalist and bassist Abbath, many fans have wondered about the future of this band. Their newest album, Northern Chaos Gods, is a piece of pure black metal fury that kicks major ass. The album is more of a testament to the musicianship of a band that now only has two members. Demonaz’s vocals are surprisingly killer and the riffs recall back to the earlier days of Immortal’s career with very heavy distortion and some really cool clean bridge solos.

When I first heard the title track, I was ecstatic. I, like others, was worried that Immortal’s vision would die with Abbath’s departure from the band. Never have I been so glad to be wrong. The album is a little short with only 8 tracks, but they are simply a doozy. “Gates to Blashyrkh” and “Blacker of Worlds” are notable heavy tracks that really get the blood pumping. My favorite track is the last song on the album entitled, “Mighty Ravendark,” which sounds like a continuation of “Blashyrkh, Mighty Ravendark,” a song off their album, Battles in the North. It’s a blistering 9-minute long track that crushes your skull and leaves you wanting more even after nine minutes.

Rating- 5/5

Favorite Track – “Mighty Ravendark”


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