Review: “Bed” and “the light is coming” by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

Do they have concert tickets with my name on them too?

by Claire Nunez





Whenever these two collaborate, it is a hit.  Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are an unstoppable duo when it comes to very pop-y tunes.  Their songs, like “Bang Bang” featuring Jessie J, “Get on Your Knees”, and “Side to Side”; are so catchy– some may consider it evil. Ariana and Nicki released two new collabs this week and I have a lot of feelings.  “Bed” does not disappoint.  It has a sultry, yet playful sound. It is the perfect song to add to all of your summer playlists.  “the light is coming”, on the other hand, is just weird and I do not understand it.

“Bed” is such a sexy song. It reminds me of the duo’s “Get on Your Knees”– only not as suggestive.  It is a little bit more acceptable to belt out as it is really not as graphic as “Get on Your Knees”. Nicki and Ariana are each basically inviting a lover into a bed “wit’ [his] name on it”.   The lyrics are super catchy and roll off the beat seamlessly.  Ariana’s high voice complements against the lower background tones as she tells her man (Pete Davidson?) that she has a kiss with his name on it.  And Nicki? She says what she wants to so unapologetically.

“the light is coming” is the second song to be released from Ariana’s next album, Sweetener.  Honestly, it does not compare to “no tears left to cry”.  The song is slow, but fast at the same time– a super strange dichotomy.  It is dark for a song about light and the lyrics are kinda odd.  There is this underlay of a guy saying, “You wouldn’t let anyone speak and instead–“ which is a reference to someone calling out Pennsylvania Senator, Arlen Specter in 2009.  It makes me think that the song is a comment on the media cycle and politics. This seems out of character for Ariana, but maybe this is a change? Who knows.

Even though I have different opinions on these songs, they make me so excited for Ariana’s Sweetener and Nicki’s Queen, both to be released in August.  Fans can only hope they cross paths while on tour.





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