A Letter to Our Deaditors

Dear Deaditors,

Hey there. How is goin’, bein’ a senior and stuff? Is it weird? It is totally weird for us. We don’t really know where or how to start. Well, I guess we’ll miss you. Your ultimate creativity, generosity, humor, and intellect have made the paper what it is currently.31543929_1737335719653464_8810470358562055361_n.jpg

Let’s not act for a hot second that creating this publication has not been completely controlled chaos. Those late Sunday nights in the dismal McGinley basement, those unnecessarily late 250 word articles, the completely irresponsible Saturday nights on the town, the late start to all of our meetings, the “polite” conversations with our best pal, Dean Rodgers. These are all a part of our “creative process.” At the end of the weekend, we could always have a tangible paper product that we could be proud of or use for warmth in our fireplaces– that we very obviously do not have. You guys are not just friends; you are also mentors to us creatively. We have had so many memories with each other that really don’t need to be spilled out here. We are eternally grateful for your friendship, time, and your writing. We are inspired by your individuality and courage to work on this publication. It is not easy to work together sometimes, but hey, we did it– rather successfully.

Thank you for giving us such a great publication to work with and for big shoes to fill. We are excited to carry on the paper’s legacy. We promise, you will not be disappointed.


Claire, Colleen, MJJM and the rest of the paper

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