Sporps with Scott Will Live On Forever and Ever

Our only sports column ever was done by Scott and Scott only

by Scott Saffran

Copy Deaditor

I think the strangest part about writing this is that I still can’t believe I actually even started writing for a Fordham campus newspaper.

I waited until the beginning of my junior year to even try. I have some pretty vivid memories of my first paper meeting: one, I was terrified and two, I had way too many ideas. I actually managed to get two articles in my very first issue. The first was a very pretentious prereview of a month’s worth of films and the second was a really embarrassing opinion piece about how much I loved wrestling. It’s okay, I had thought, I just wanted to get it out of my system. No more wrestling from there on out. If you know me at all or have followed my work for any period of time, you’re probably laughing right now. It’s okay; I am too. I have continued to write a LOT about wrestling since that pitiful article and I am very happy to report that it was not all garbage.

I remember meeting our incredible editors from last year, Siobhan and Kelly, but I actually don’t remember meeting what would become my real paper fam for about a year. I’m not exactly sure how best to go over my time with the paper and the wonderful people that make it up. I guess I’ll just run through some fond memories. I remember the first time I got to hold one of my printed articles in my hands, enchanted by an incredible John Cena Photoshop. I remember where I was when I got the email asking me to be a copy editor – standing in the living room of the yellow house near Pugsley’s. I remember our incredible paper Brunch during the Spring Weekend last year, especially the dumb amount of mimosas I imbibed. I remember my first attempt at a Photoshop ad – for some senior night basketball game (the joke is truly not worth repeating). I remember each time our incredible Matt Whitaker invited us over to his home, specifically our most recent trip that featured a pretty intense snowball fight. I remember sitting on the stools outside of Blue Goose with Rachel Poe. I remember finding out John Looby had a real-life tattoo (it and his new one are fantastic). I remember the day Nick Peters told me he realized he liked wrestling. I remember Colleen telling us that every time she eats M&M’s the last two need to be green and blue. I remember Declan wearing an awesome vintage Star Wars shirt and instantly wanting to be his friend because of it. I remember being terrified of Meredith and her Moth Man Memes. I remember being shocked and thrilled when Luis read my first Sporps column and laughed out loud. I remember Hillary enthusiastically telling me her dad loves Stone Cold Steve Austin. I don’t remember much about Michael Jack Jack Michael. I’m still trying to wrap my head around him.

I’m not really reaching all that far back for these memories; they’re still pretty fresh. But that’s not the reason I’m writing them down. I don’t want to ever forget these people and these memories. So I guess this “deadit” is more so a record than anything. I’ll close with a final thank-you to everyone for your friendship, your time, your interest, your support, and – most importantly – your being part of the paper. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and not just at Fordham.

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