Can We Start The Meeting Now? No, Michael We Can’t

We will never start on time and that is because of your pestering

by Michael Sheridan

Arts Deaditor

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, almonds, and having meltdowns when meetings didn’t start exactly at 9:00. This will be my legacy at the paper which I got to be a part of for a combined 5 semesters during my Fordham career (yes I’m counting the semester I was in Rome). As a young timid sophomore, I was desperate to join a club – any club – in order to avoid my near friendless freshman year. Relying on the advice given to me by Orientation leader a year before, I decided to see what the paper was all about.

I started out being far too nervous to say anything at all during the meetings, but the third issue, I found the courage to actually pitch an article about a Picasso exhibition being held at MoMA (of course I wrote for the art section). In only a few months, I had been asked to become the editor for the features and lists section, which according to my resume meant that I conceived ideas and created images for two sections Fordham University’s bi-monthly, free speech publication while managing a team of contributors, ensuring that all submissions were appropriate and handed in on time. It was during this time that I felt that I really became part of the paper staff. I certainly must have made an impression with my sometimes aggressive and always whiney pleas for the other editors to submit their list entries.

Yet, in my mind perhaps my favorite semester of the paper wouldn’t be until the spring of junior year (after having gone abroad in the fall/ side note, us study abroad kids never shut up about studying abroad). It was during this semester that I was finally promoted to arts editor, which had been my goal since I started at the paper. But more importantly, it was this semester that I felt like I was part of the paper family. Despite my constant jabs and rarely showing up to paper parties or events, I really started to become great friends with my fellow editors during this semester. Some of my fondest memories stem from this semester, from roasting the editors (I had to beg them to roast me), to forming a club within the club (with current EIC Claire Nunez), and trying to make sense of the world in the wake of Trump’s 100 days, it was a crazy and amazing time in my college career. To be fair, I did love my final semester this fall as well.guggenheim_museum_g081209_dh2.jpg

Even though I was perhaps “a bit dick-ish” at times, to quote a fellow editor who shall remain anonymous, I really loved getting to spend time with my friends every Tuesday night and during occasional production weekends (also shout out to Matt for really carrying the Arts section last semester). Although at times I was exasperated by the long super hero discussions, the Trump rants, and the existence of Luis, overall, I loved every minute of it. the paper will always remain one of my best memories of Fordham and I will never be able to eat almonds or attend an exhibition at the Guggenheim without thinking of it. Thanks for all the memories fellow editors.

Keep reading the paper and definitely make sure not the miss Giacometti retrospective opening on at the Guggenheim on June 8.

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