Farewell to The Paper Pals

Thanks for the wonderful memories– and yes they were great

by Matthew Whitaker

Arts Deaditor

Four years have passed already? Wow, time flies when you’re making memes. Though, the best of that time was spent working on the paper and having fun with The Paper Pals. To be honest, when I first joined the paper I didn’t know what to expect. I remember going to the first meeting in the second semester of my freshman year and finding out that I could write about anything I wanted. I was so excited, since I had a lot of ideas that normally wouldn’t make it out of a conversation in the cafeteria.

On my first production weekend, I got to hop right in the trenches, editing articles and learning Photoshop. It was a blast, and I decided to stick with it. In fact, I never missed a meeting after that. Spending time at the paper exposed me to so many new ideas, viewpoints, and backgrounds. I really wanted to become an editor, and in the first semester of my sophomore year, I joined the features and lists squad. Soon after, I became an arts editor, and managed my beloved section for two years. Every minute in the print shop was a wonderful memory, mainly because of The Paper Pals.

Initially, I didn’t think I’d make some of my closest friends at Fordham through the paper. While I would enjoy my time working on it, after production weekend wrapped up I wouldn’t really give it much thought. That changed in my junior year, when we started having Paper Parties during each production weekend, full of silly shenanigans and the all-important snacks. Whether we were watching Scooby-Doo, playing board games, or listening to music, we all became closer friends and learned so much about each other. This made our time in the print shop so much more fun and helped add pages to everyone’s roasts. (I never got roasted…) Even beyond the Paper Parties, our other adventures, like our Logan trip and PaperFest, are memories I will never forget. PaperFest was my way of giving back for all the great times I had with you all.

Sometimes between classes, I walk into the print shop to read some issues we made together. Every time, I notice that no matter where I am standing or looking, I have a memory about that spot. Standing in the center of the print shop, I remember all the conversations and discussions we’d get into when we turned our chairs away from our computers. Looking at the couch, I remember copy-editors straining their eyes to catch mistakes in printouts of each section. Walking out the door, I remember us heading to the Metro North station to travel to White Plains and see Thor: Ragnarok after production on a Friday.

The print shop will always be my favorite place at Fordham, and I enjoyed every minute I spent in it. Now I couldn’t go through my entire deadit without mentioning Meme Monday, could I? Doing Meme Monday was always a ton of fun, and I was so happy to have the chance to share memes with the Fordham community. Meme Monday was originally supposed to be a one-time event, so I can’t believe I was able to keep it going for two years! I’m glad I was able to pass it on after my time with the paper, and I know it’s in good hands.

Aside from Meme Monday, I always loved making memes for The Paper Pals, from the many war memes to making fun of Multi-Factor Authentication. Anyway, being part of the paper has always been the best part about Fordham for me, and it’s thanks to all of you. Thank you all for making my time at Fordham so special. I have so many memories of all the great times with The Paper Pals to hold on to after graduation. I’ll always remember the fun we had together.

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