Anna Found Her Place at the paper– Even If It Took A Minute or Two

Moral of the story: listen to Luis, ALWAYS

by Anna PK

Copy Deaditor

I joined the paper late in my college career. After being prodded since my Freshman year by various friends, I finally started writing for the paper in my first semester of Junior year. By second semester I found myself Copy Chief and with a great new group of friends. Even better, I was able to indulge my desire to work with others on their writing, and through that improving my own. A little over once a month I would cram myself into a small McGinley and edit the writings of our many great contributors. I got to learn the many voices of our writers, and did my best to maintain these lovely voices while shaping them into the articles that hopefully many of you readers have enjoyed.

Working for the paper has cemented my desire to continue helping others with their writing, and for that I will be eternally grateful. In addition to working with the voices of others, the paper truly let me explore my own. I have been able to write about a multitude of my seemingly unrelated interests, from makeup, metal, social issues, and, possibly my favorite, why my roommate should really, really let me have a giant omnivorous lizard. It is hard to imagine getting the same level of freedom and encouragement to talk about all these different topics anywhere else.

the paper gave me many great friends and memories, and being without it this semester has left me directionless, wondering what to do with all my sudden free time (apply for jobs, the answer is apply for jobs). If I had known all the great relationships I would form and fun I would have joined when Luis first started asking me to come way back in Freshman (to any Freshman or Sophomores who have a friend bugging them to join, listen to them). I have been trained in the art of several different board games since joining, and have spent seemingly never ending nights engaged that managed to less than seamlessly combine politics, the arts, and ever present memes, and am quite sad to see these times coming to an end.

As I have told the lovely people now in charge, who have ever so patiently waited for this to come in, I am not the best with my words when I get all sentimental and feel myself chocking up a little. It seems that feeling which makes it hard to vocalize words also makes it difficult to write them. For some reason. Even though the throat has almost nothing to do with my hands’ ability to type. Emotions are nonsensical like that. Luckily, I have been have assured that my lack of words can be made up for with a large picture, which is worth about a thousand or so (hardy har, I know the joke is just cheesy at this point). While I may not be able to convince my professors this technically puts me over my word count, I hope you all will accept the excuse. I will miss my time here greatly, but always remember it fondly. I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity, and will you all a fond farewell and great (except you, who knows who they are). Please enjoy the photo selected to make up for my lack of proper words.

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