Please God Let Ganondorf Be in the New Super Smash Bros

I know my fears are irrational but if he isn’t there my life is over

by Meredith McLaughlin

Arts Editor

At long last, Nintendo Switch owners have finally gotten the ultimate boon: Super Smash Bros. for the switch. In the most recent Nintendo Direct, the newest edition in the beloved franchise was teased, while promising to include the Splatoon characters in the new roster. While all of this is very exciting, I am concerned that my own personal interests won’t be met. The trouble starts with the fact that they clearly showed they’d be using the Breath of the Wild design for Link in place of his Twilight Princess design. Now I love Breath of the Wild, it’s a fantastic game and I understand why they’re using it for the new SSB. While I think that using the updated design is the right choice, my real fear is that I won’t be able to main Ganondorf anymore because he technically wasn’t in Breath of the Wild.
For the uninformed, Ganondorf is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. While in most of the games he’s like this 8 ft tall green wizard thief man, sometimes he attacks Hyrule in the form of Ganon, a horrible pig monster. Breath of the Wild opted to push Ganon’s design a bit further by making him a half robot spider, half ghost demon pig that inhabits Hyrule Castle until you decide to face him. So obviously, the Breath of the Wild iteration of Ganondorf would be hard to play in a party fighting game. His best design is inarguably from Twilight Princess, so the best thing SSB could do is just keep that and update Link and Zelda.
Ganondorf has been a playable fighter in SSB since Melee, unfortunately he’s gotten a bad rap for being one of the worst characters to play as. Ganondorf was a last-minute addition to Melee’s roster, so the game devs just gave him all of Captain Falcons moves, but made a bit more heavy and powerful. When Brawl came out, Ganondorf was incredibly slow, and his most powerful move, Warlock Punch, took so long to charge that it was nearly unusable. He could also barely jump, making him vulnerable anytime he was in the air. As a result Ganondorf was placed dead last on the Brawl tier list. Of course these are all complaints that weak, undedicated players make about Ganondorf. Twilight Princess is my favorite game of all time, and after playing it in middle school I was so happy to discover that I could actually play as my favorite character in my brother’s fighting game. I knew about his disadvantages, yet I dedicated months to unlocking the secrets of maining Ganondorf in an attempt to prove to the world that he was a viable fighter to play as. Once SSB4 came out, he was the only character I could play as and win. I physically cannot play that game as any other character.
My only hope is that the new SSB will choose to improve Ganondorf rather than lose him. Perhaps this time they’ll give him abilities that are reminiscent to his powers from the Legend of Zelda, rather than just make him a Captain Falcon clone. I fear they might just make him an assist trophy, where you can summon his Breath of the Wild iteration to help you fight for five measly seconds. Ganondorf means to much to me, and I can’t bear the thought of him being discarded. Ganondorf better be in the new super smash brothers or I will take Nintendo America hostage.

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