Review: Here Come the Aliens by Kim Wilde

By Claire Nunez

Who the heck is Kim Wilde? Honestly, I have no idea, but she is not awful.  Her sound is very indie rock with a twist of pop, infused with some 80s glam. Here Come the Aliens is the first album Wilde has released since 1995, and since then, she has become fascinated with the night sky and generally fears being abducted by aliens.  That certainly comes through in the song “1969” with all of the tech-y, space sounds accompanying her voice.  It was a little difficult for me to actually understand what Wilde was singing about because her annunciation is not the best; however, I absolutely adore her overall sound.  It is unapologetically 80s.  I really like “Pop Don’t Stop” because it is basically begging for more pop music.  As a pop junkie, I strongly identify with Wilde’s plea. Wilde’s songs spill out her weirdest and most random thoughts out in electric guitar notes and raspy poetry.  She sings about aliens and candy on this album.  I cannot imagine an artist that I more strongly identify with.  My only problem with Wilde’s album is that some of her songs are rather long and seem to drag on for way too long.  I think that she could’ve shaved a minute or so off of some of her tunes, but I am all for artistic expression and won’t judge.  Overall, Here Come the Aliens is a solid 80s album that has been released just a few decades too late.

Fav track: “1969”


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