Review: Done For Me by Charlie Puth Ft. Kehlani

Olivia Langenberg

Charlie Puth just released another song from his upcoming album Voicenotes. This is a funky little tune that acts almost as a conversation, as Puth and Kehlani sing to each other about a relationship between two people who just aren’t on the same page anymore. The lyrics in this? Nothing special. It’s very chorus heavy. I’ll admit, I didn’t pay much attention to them. I was focused on how catchy this song is because it’s produced so wonderfully. I’ve known about Puth since I was in middle school, and I’ll tell you the guy has evolved like crazy and it’s awesome to hear. This is a typical Top 40 kind of hit. I have nothing wrong with that- I love pop music. It’s the kind of thing that comes on at the gym and it makes you dance on the elliptical a little bit. After hearing the same chorus like six times, it does have me wondering: what has this girl ever done for Charlie? I don’t think Kehlani’s part in the song adds anything special, but it pushes the narrative, and I like her, so it’s fine. Mostly, this song shows how Puth has come from putting out covers on YouTube that he mixed in his bedroom to producing genuinely pleasurable songs that are guaranteed a spot on the radio. Is it an amazing, revolutionary song? Of course not, but it doesn’t have to be. It works. And sometimes that’s enough.



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