Review: Firepower by Judas Priest

Christian still likes metal music, okay?

by Christian Decker

News Editor

Before this album, I really didn’t have much experience listening to Judas Priest besides a few songs. However, in the 18th studio album for this legendary pioneer of heavy metal, I felt so empowered. The entire band has still got it after all these years, especially Rob Halford, the lead singer, who still sounds crystal clear. Somehow the band has managed to retain that classic 80s heavy metal sound, while bringing in more modern elements with today’s technology and innovations. The title and first track, “Firepower,” comes screaming at you in a ready-to-rock mood straight off, followed by “Lightning Strike” to keep you on your toes with some kick-ass riffs and solos. They also added some seemingly political tracks, “Evil Never Dies” and “Never The Heroes.” Although political tracks in this day and age can be stale, Priest succeeds in not being too over the top or overt in their references, which makes the tracks ten times better. Picking a best track on this album was extremely difficult, because every song is just fantastic, but the best one in my opinion has to be “Rising From Ruins” and its intro track “Guardians.” The song is about uniting in order to fight an enemy, which can also have some political undertones, and the song makes you feel just awesome. Priest proves that heavy metal is definitely still alive and kicking.

Favorite Track: “Rising From Ruins”

4/5 Q-Tips

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