The Prince of Pizza is Our New Favorite

Prince Street Pizza is an Instagrammable slice that really fulfills.

by Claire Nunez


I am an Instagram food lover.  I often just admire the pretty plates and never actually venture out to get one of my own.  When I saw a picturesque little square covered in greasy pepperoni rounds, my life changed and I knew I had to go to the Pizza Mecca that is Prince Street Pizza in Lower Manhattan.

So, my roommate, Kirsten and I ventured down to grab a slice.  On our way, we saw some scary middle schoolers trying to get a new profile pic in front of a pretty ugly mural, failed to help some French tourists, and found ourselves really wanting to buy expensive feminist t-shirts that we absolutely didn’t need.  We finally arrived at the pizza shop to find a surprisingly short line.  A woman on the line told us we MUST order the pepperoni square, and we did.  She was a regular and frequents the little place.


The shop itself is full of pictures of this guy, Dominic next to celebrities like Kate Hudson and Usher– is he still relevant?  Prince Street Pizza has a real old-school vibe and I loved it. The exposed brick reminded me of my hometown pizzeria and I was hopeful.  We waited on-line with our little numbered placards and then, our moment arrived.

We received our pizza squares.  The pepperoni curled up and sizzled, the fresh mozzarella oozed off the fluffy, yet crispy crust.  I bit into it and I swear, I died for a moment.  The sauce and the pepperoni were both spicy, but the flavors contrasted nicely.  The pepperoni had a smokey heat, while the sauce embodied a more red peppery flavor.  The whole piece of pizza was the most incredible thing I have ever had– and I do not even really like pizza.  Yes, you read that right.  I went to a pizza heaven and I do not even like America’s favorite meal.

Going to Prince Street Pizza was a super amazing experience– I would recommend to any pizza lovers– and non-loves– out there.  It has so many incredible options, and the area it’s located in is also full of some pretty hip shops.  I also got an awesome, pizza Instagram out of it, so we all win here.

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