Teens Put Pressure on Government to Enact Gun Reform

Grown men cry over mean teens who want to feel safe at school

by Meredith McLaughlin

Arts Editor

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, students from all over the country have risen up to protest the government’s refusal to enact sensible gun legislation and finally start protecting American schools. At the forefront of this movement are the teen survivors of the shooting; students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have been amazingly unrelenting in their fight to ensure that shootings like this never happen again. This form of organized pushback from the survivors has kept the tragedy from fading from public consciousness, and they have done a great deal to fight for gun control, they have also received a great deal of disturbing resistance.

It’s incredible how quickly the worm turns when the victims of a mass shooting start demanding more than thoughts and prayers. The worm in this fun analogy is none other than former presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio. On the day of the shooting, Rubio tweeted “Today is that terrible day you pray never comes.” People were quick to point out that Rubio received $3,303,355 for the NRA during his campaign, including Parkland survivor Sarah Chadwick. Later, during a town hall, Rubio explained that he wants to look for solutions with the survivors, saying, “I think people that disagree on issues can agree on what they want to achieve and can find a way forward, and that’s what I hope tonight is beyond anything else.” However, the less than friendly reaction to his platitudes clearly hurt his feelings. I can’t remember exactly what he tweeted on February 28, but I think it went something like “Th-the debate after #P-p-parkland reminds us *sniffle* W-we The People don’t really like each other vewy much *sniffle* We-we smear those who r-refuse to agree with us. We claim a Ju-ju-ju-dea-*sob*-Christian *sob* heritage but celebrate arrogance & boasting & worst of all we have infected the next generation with the same d-disease.” Again, that might not be exactly how he typed it but he sure sounded real upset at being bullied by those mass-shooting victims.

While Marco Rubio’s response to the tragedy feels rather hollow, at least he listened to what the students had to say. There’s been a huge wave of far-right wing officials and supporters who think that these teens, due to their age, are unable to understand how gun control would affect the country, and have been maturely insulting shooting victims over their politics. U.S congressman Steve King (R-IA) has chosen really awful memes as his primary weapon against the anti-gun advocates. In a stroke of pure genius, King pointed out that a ton of people in Jonestown died drinking Kool-Aid, but we still can drink Kool-Aid, so obviously gun-control is just ridiculous. Because everyone knows it was the Kool-Aid, and not the poison, that killed the people in Jonestown.

Worst of the responses to this tragedy have been from the people who just don’t fucking believe it happened. David Hogg has been the target of a ton of conspiracy theorists who think that he’s a crisis actor because his dad used to work for the FBI. These monsters have been retweeting pictures of survivors who smiled once on camera, saying that expressing any emotion other than coma-inducing grief means they must be faking. Alex Jones has of course been pushing a ton of these conspiracy theories, resulting in him having his Youtube account frozen. Jones, who has a long history of defaming parents who lost their children in mass shootings, begged Hogg to talk to the Youtube higher ups to get his account back on air. In one of the few good things to come from his theorizing, Jones said, “I noticed you called me a “shit journalist” and “snake oil” salesman when I have never called you any disparaging names….Please st-stop the defamation. My Youtube channel with 2 + billion views has now been frozen…” Cry me a river.

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