Attention Scorpios: Your 2018 is Supposed to be The Best Year Ever

If you don’t believe me, go get your star charts read

by Claire Nunez

Editor in Chief

Astrology is real.  Trust me, I hecking know it.  I write all of the horoscopes for this publication, and you bet your sweet little bum that they come true.  I know an Aquarius who fell and ripped his knee open and guess what— the horoscope I wrote said that would happen (FYI: I did not think this would come true when I wrote it).  I believe in the stars.  So, when my 2018 horoscope told me that I was going to have one of the best years ever, I was a bit nervous.

As I said previously, I 100% believe in astrology.  I read my horoscope weekly from my preferred sources, usually the AstroTwins or Susan Miller.  My 2017 yearly horoscope pretty much told me that I would make some mistakes and hit some serious rough patches.  The AstroTwins said that 2017 would be a “transitional year” for Scorpios.  And for me, it really did change me.  I grew emotionally, and mentally.  I became this really confident human that really believes in herself and her capacities.

2017 was a real difficult year for me, but by the end I was changed for the better.  I am happy about where I am, and I am thankful that I am everything I want to be at this current moment.  Okay so I know what you are thinking, this was all just me living and growing as an average 20-year-old does. Yes and no.   I just want to say that I believe a lot of this growth happened because of chance.  To be cliché, the stars aligned as they were supposed to.  Everything played out as it was supposed to because of the alignment of the universe or some crap like that.  I think it is all fate and to me, stars write our fates.

My 2018 fate is well, scary.  I am supposed to have a great year, and so far, I am having a wonderful and amazing 2018.  Apparently, my life is going well because Pluto is in some degree of something— that means I am going to be a very powerful bean this year.

I was a bit skeptical when I read this forecast.  The way things had been going, I totally expected everything to continue hitting the fan.  There was no way that everything would just turn around, but it did.  I swear, I woke up on New Year’s Day with a feeling of gratitude. I felt light and actually slightly refreshed. Was it a placebo effect? Possibly.

The next few days brought a lot of unexpected surprises— good ones.  I was suddenly hearing back from several summer internships I applied for, that I did not expect to really get.  Some really sweet and incredible people walked into my life.  My wisdom teeth swelling went down much more quickly than anyone expected.  And probably best of all, I decided I liked hard boiled eggs.  Okay, maybe that is not the best thing to happen to me thus far.

Good things have been happening for me.  I don’t want to say that I am getting these great opportunities and I don’t deserve them— I do.  I am qualified for the jobs that I applied for.  I detoxed a lot of rotten people from my life.  I took care of my wisdom teeth sockets well.  The hard boiled eggs? I think that is just fate.

I am pretty happy with the way things are going for me.  I don’t know any other Scorpios, mostly because Scorpios are like snow leopards— no other Scorpios can come into our territory without asking for the claws to come out; but they should also be having a good year so far.  I think it is a little soon to say that this year will be the best ever.  It is just February, but I think whatever moved into my house of luck is working.

I think when it comes to horoscopes, the only ones to follow are the yearly or monthly ones.  The daily and even weekly ones are a bit too microscopic to really follow, in my opinion (I am going to do a shameful plug here— the paper horoscopes are weekly and satirical, so I do suggest reading those.  No one is supposed to actually fall and cut their knee open).

I would highly suggest looking up your yearly horoscope for 2018 from a ~reputable~ astrologer.  Yes, that does sound ridiculous because astrology is considered a pseudoscience, but if you’re interested, look for someone who reads stars for a living.  Maybe even go see an astrologer in real life.  Or maybe not.  What I am trying to say is, look up your 2018 horoscope.  It may surprise you and give you a glimpse into your future.

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