Review: Amen by Rich Brian

Amen, this album is out.

By Connor Murray

We all know that one kid from high school that raps and, unfortunately, Rich Brian ts this mold a little too well on his latest album. The artist formerly known as Rich Chigga delivered his rst full length project this month since blowing up from his viral video “Dat $tick” over the past two years. The 18-year-old Indonesian native is clearly trying to achieve a very hard challenge on this record: making both serious and humorous rap songs. On the seri- ous side, Brian brings it with songs like “See Me” and “Cold”, showcasing his melodic potential, decent lyrics and ows, and solid production, most of

which he did himself. However, Brian trying to make humorous raps, like on “Kitty”, ultimately falls short and kind of creates a feeling of awkwardness and misplacement on the album.

After experiencing Amen a few times and listening to Rich Brian’s monotone voice, I still do not know or understand what he is rapping about. Otherrappers,particularlytrapartists, talk about money, girls, clothes, and other things a million different ways, so much so that I just kind of tune out what they are saying, while still getting the gist of the topic. I am not sure if it is his scattered subject matter or his dull voice, but for some reason it is some- what harder to understand what he is and should be rapping about. “Cold” is a great example of this, for even though the beat and ow are solid, I only re- member the corny lyrics like “It’s Brian, not Brita, so I’ll never have a lter.” Ul- timately, Amen proved to me that Rich Brian has cemented himself as a seri- ous hip-hop artist. It is for this reason that I enjoyed a decent portion of this project. However, he will have to make some changes to his formula for me to enjoy his output more thoroughly.

Favorite Track: “See Me”

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