Mike Pence is at the Olympics in Korea and is Already Messing Up

Vice President Pence offends at most non-offensive event ever

by Claire Nunez


February 9 marks the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Yes, of course, America is there— we are like really okay at sports.  To support our American athletes, we have sent only the most exemplary of humans to Korea: Mike Pence.  Yes, we have sent our lovely and homophobic vice president who also calls his wife mother, to be the man to shake the hands of all of our medalists.  Here is the down low of everything he has been doing.

He is Offending Gay Athletes

As most of us know, Mike Pence is not a supporter of LGBTQI+ rights— at all. Like, he supported electric shock therapy to convert people who are gay to straight. That is obviously how it works, right? No, no it does not.   He literally funded this inhumane form of “therapy” when he was a governor.  Anyway, Mike Pence is not a supporter of people in this community so many Olympians are speaking out.

Gus Kenworthy, an openly gay, freestyle skier, told Pence to “eat [his] heart out” in an Instagram post.  Kenworthy says that he is proud to be supporting both America and the LGBT community in Korea.  All American Olympians were invited to meet with Pence for like, I guess support and to say how proud he is of their athletic abilities.  Many athletes who identify as gay or allies opted out, including Adam Rippon, a figure skater.  Rippon also denied the chance to speak with Pence regarding the comments he made on Pence’s vice presidency.  Mike Pence tweeted that this story was fake news. Good. I am glad that this is going on.

He snubbed North Korea

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing,  but Mike Pence totally snubbed North Korea.  At the VIP reception, Pence was supposed to sit with Kim Yong-nam, North Korea’s ceremonial head of state.  Pence was late to the dinner, in true American fashion, I suppose.  Pence then proceeded to shake everyone’s hand in the room except for Kim Yong-nam’s.  To say there was a bit of tension is an understatement. The snub was very obvious. This wasn’t the only problem, though.

North Korea and South Korea marched into the opening ceremonies under a unified Korean flag which is very obviously, a HUGE statement.  There is so much divisiveness on the Korean peninsula so this is a big move.  North Korea doesn’t even usually go to the Olympics.  The fact that they are there at all is wow.  When they marched in together, Pence did not stand or acknowledge the Korean team.  In my opinion, this is a bit rude mostly because South Korea is hosting the games and a majority of the group marching under the unified flag was South Korean.  Also, Kim Jong-un’s sister was sitting behind Pence through this whole occurrence.  Pence just escalated tensions a bit more with that.

I think it is very obvious how Pence feels about North Korea.  He really does not like them.  He showed this through you know, snubbing them and placing some nutty sanctions on them.  He also keeps saying he will do whatever it takes to protect America from the nuclear threats coming from North Korea. That includes bringing our military and its resources into the equation. He is making things a bit messier.  I think he was not the best person to send to the Korean peninsula.  That is just my humble opinion.

Although I do not like Mike Pence at all, I think he is really showing to the world what America absolutely is at this moment: shitty.  Our nation very obviously does not care about other people, fixing our relations with other nations, how pompous our officials are, and how we only care about ourselves.  I just want to make it known that North Korea is more than just a threat to America; it is a center of human rights deprivation.  Our elected officials only care about how this affects us as a nation— don’t get me wrong I understand their points, but at the same time, it makes the work of people who do care, harder.  Also, the “us” is not inclusive.  It is only those who are in power.

As Pence is just hanging out in Korea, just remember, he is a symbol of America to the world.  When you look him up, all that comes up is articles how he doesn’t care about the gay community and how he snubbed North Korea.  This really warms my heart.  I love the direction our nation is going.  That was sarcasm, obviously.


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