Review: Little Dark Age by MGMT

By Marty Gatto

Earwax Editor

Psychedelic indie band MGMT dropped an album this weekend entitled Little Dark Age. It’s been years since 2013’s self-titled album MGMT, and it seems as though MGMT has spent this time circling back to their synth-pop roots. The experimenta- tion of their last two albums has been abandoned for the catchy hooks and beats of their rst album. The album as a whole is rather lacking in some of the beauty of their experimental work, but, because of this, Little Dark Age is much more listenable than their past two albums.

On this album, several things pop out right off the bat. Primarily, that, as opposed to the ow and full-album Pink Floyd-esque unity of their last two albums, each song is separate from one another. They truly are singular pieces of pop music, as opposed to dif- ferent avors of the same homogenous album. The difference between the rst two tracks, “She Works Out Too Much,” a sarcastic electro-pop outcry against the the drag of online dating apps, and “Little Dark Age,” the album’s dark, brooding namesake, exempli es the individuality of each track.

The trend of 80’s-in ected, bright pop tracks is quite evident as well, and culminates in the stroke of genius “Me and Michael.” Another of the interesting things about this al- bum is the diversity of moods that run throughout it. On one hand, there is a trend of bright synth-pop, and on the other, there is a trend of dark, brooding tracks. “Hand it Over” is such a track. Similar to the last track from their sec- ond album Congratulations, “Hand it over” is a re ection on MGMT’s career thus far. Anxieties over artistic license and loss of talent leave the album on a dark, somewhat pessimistic note. Favorite Track: “Me and Michael”

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