Review: Phantom Thread Soundtrack by Johnny Greenwood

David reviewed a soundtrack. Cool.

by David Kennedy

Copy Editor

If you’re like me, you didn’t realize until just now that the guitarist from Radiohead did anything else. Evi- dently he writes music for really good movies. Along with being one of the most notable rock guitarists of the past couple decades, Johnny Greenwood also composes scores on viola and piano for writer/director, Paul Thomas Anderson. Already under his belt are the scores for ‘The Master’ and ‘There will be Blood.’

‘Phantom Thread’ marks his third lm score for Anderson and his fourth overall. Greenwood’s composi- tional style involves a lot of hypnotic, re-

petitive melodies, and a lot of musical echoing. On tracks like ‘Sandalwood I,’ musical phrases fade in and out, and constantly echo each other, almost as if the main tune were being followed by its shadows.

Another notable thing about the score is just how quiet it is. Some of these compositions are certainly grander than others, especially the track, ‘Phantom Thread III,’ but for the most part, these do not sound like tunes for the concert hall. ‘Phantom Thread II’ is played on a single piano and single viola. On ‘Phantom Thread IV’ Greenwood wrings an absolutely tortured sound from a single wheez- ing viola. The music is brooding, hyp- notic, and very homespun sounding, and although there are plenty of slow moments, there are de nitely enough in teresting ideas here to warrant a lis- ten.Favorite tracks: “Phantom Thread II and IV”

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