Review: Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

JT should just not.

by Olivia Langenberg

Features & Lists Editor

Justin Timberlake recently dropped his “highly anticipated” fifth album. Too bad it sucks. This album is a total flop, much like his SuperBowl performance last week. When I think about Justin Timberlake, I think about his boy band days in NSYNC and I think about funky jams like “SexyBack” and “Suit & Tie.” I can’t say I was expecting to hear similar things with an album title like Man of the Woods, but I wouldn’t say I was expecting such a weird mix of electronic and country sounds. Did anyone else know this man is from Nashville? Am I the only one who had no idea? I’m not sure if Timberlake was trying something new because he’s a “family man” now, but it really didn’t work for me.

The album begins with a track called “Filthy,” which is appropriately titled, because that’s how I felt after listening to the whole album. When I tell you there are so many uncomfortable sex references on this album, please take me seriously. I’m not one to shove away songs about sex, but there’s something about lines like, “And what you gonna do with all that meat?” that really make me nauseous. Not to mention, the song ending the album is dedicated to his infant son. Take those things as you wish. There are just so many weird things about this album, like Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, murmuring about wearing his shirt for a minute straight. The lyrics of this are so repetitive, I had to skip most of the songs before they finished. I would absolutely not listen to this again. I’ll keep those of you in my thoughts who decide to give it a shot.


Fav track: “Morning Light”

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