A Professional and In-Depth Analysis of Super Bowl Ads

By Cadila Vaz

Staff Ad Connoisseur

The Super Bowl is the biggest televised game of the year and companies dish out millions just for a thirty-second advertisement. Now I’m not sure how these numbers are calculated. Whether they were able to count all the people watching the game on TVs or if the number is just based on the number of TVs turned on to NBC. But regardless, that’s a lot of people to enlighten with your company’s product or service.

There’s just something about the Super Bowl that calls for mass gatherings and guacamole. I believe that there is no target market for Super Bowl advertisements because there are many people who watch the game even though they might not have seen a football game all season. After all, there are even some people who just tune in for the commercials. But with so many companies vying for patrons, it’s hard to make an impact in a day and age where Google tailors advertisements to things that you have searched on their engine, said to a friend, or even just thought in your head. Moreover, the number of Super Bowl LII viewers was very low in contrast with previous years, actually the lowest it’s been since 2009.

So just how important are NBC’s commercial time slots during the Super Bowl nowadays?   I leave that for you to decide. But before you move on to the next article, I’ve included below some of the most memorable commercials, in my opinion, and some of my thoughts watching them.  


Steven Tyler’s Kia Commercial

-very sad

-Mr. Tyler, are you ok?

-like in his dressing room thing, he had a framed picture of his younger self. Yes I understand that it’s just foreshadowing to the ending of the commercial, but still.


-Also, the slogan was that the car is fueled by youth, but they actually just show Tyler traveling back in time since not only is he now younger but is also swarmed by fans who look like they’re straight out of the seventies? If anything, this commercial just showed me that driving a Kia is a means to an end, a means to avoid the end.


Amazon Alexa’s Sick Day

-Confirms that Alexa is a real person whose immune system succumbs to various germs just like regular humans.

-Pro Tip: Don’t ask Gordon Ramsay how to make a grilled cheese.

-Cardi B ends all space programs.

-She also ends country music.


Budweiser “Stand By Me” Commercial



Bud Knight

-At first I thought this was a Game of Thrones thing since there was a dragon on the battlefield.

-Dilly Dilly.

-Bud Light Knight’s voice is highkey demonic.

-Not sure exactly which side he’s on since everyone is amazed by his arrival and then they all run away at the end.


Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

-Peter Dinklage’s lip synching leaves a bit to be desired.

-This ad confirms that his character, Tyrion from Game of Thrones, is a Targaryen.

-This, in conjunction with the aforementioned Bud Light commercial containing a dragon, completely confirms that theory.

-Morgan Freeman.



-Uuuhh I need to start saving up for retirement ASAP.

-Gives me motivation to grow old so I can live a wild life and pursue my dreams.

-E-Trade @ youths, “don’t get mad, kiddo, get E-Trade.”

-Sorry E-Trade I don’t have money to save since I’m spending all of it on avocado toast.



-Febreze, what the heck?

-Reminds me of that elementary school saying: “When Michael Jackson was a baby, his farts smelled like roses.”


Missing Dog: Old Spice

-Summer vibes.

-“My mother warned me not to get a dog.”

-Took me awhile to get that Old Spice was the name of the dog.

-Look at that doggo.


Sun Basket’s Salad Bowl

-I prefer the Puppy Bowl.

-Veggie Puns?

-Tony Romonesco- sprouts announcer.

-“You look radish-ing.”

-Line of Spinach.  

-Tomato Brady.

-And many, many more puns.


Tiffany Haddish for Groupon

-Destroyed BB (Big Business).

-Who doesn’t like seeing someone get hit in the groin with a football?


Hyundai’s Hope Comes Standard

-At first, I wasn’t sure what was really going on.

-But then, once the children and families started talking about how Hyundai gives some proceeds from vehicle purchases to fund childhood cancer research

-I had no idea that Hyundai did this.

-I teared up.


Jack in the Box

-Martha Stewart.

– Whose mans?

– Martha’s ready to brawl.



Black Panther Lexus Commercial

-This was so cool.

-I can’t wait to see Black Panther.

-I guess Lexuses are pretty cool, too.


Danny DeVito as the Red M&M

-How did I not see this coming?

-Someone should have given Pinocchio that lucky penny.

-Would you eat Danny DeVito? He’s a real snack, in essence.

-This is a Tide Ad.

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