Review: To Imagine by The Neighbourhood

To Imagine what? These are the real questions.

by Mario Pineda-Bermudez

Staff Dude

Californian, alternative, indie band The Neighbourhood has released their fifth EP, To Imagine. The EP, coming after their 2017 release, Hard, was posted on the January 12.  Its first song, “Dust,” which addresses climate change, begins with an ominous tone, talking about waterless lakes and fish growing wings to escape. The buildup leads to a pre-chorus with isolated vocals that seem to direct criticism at corporations and politicians, followed by a high-energy chorus.

The next song, “Scary Love,” is the first single from the EP, premiering worldwide by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio on December 4, 2017. “Scary Love” deals with Jesse Rutherford’s relationship; it specifically follows a lover who feels his significant other is out of his league, expressing both his desire for her and his fear of losing her. Its fast pace, eerie vibe and emphatic chorus makes it one of the favorites on the EP. “Heaven,” the third song on the EP, also has lyrics showing passionate emotion. The beat is more low-key, but presents a sensual energy that would not feel out of place on a song by The Weeknd. This is especially true in the second verse, where the singer catches the beat just right, complementing the bass. The next song on To Imagine is “Compass.” The song makes an analogy between a girl and a compass, saying, “I keep you in my pocket to use / You’re my only compass / I might get lost without you.” The song is nice, but honestly forgettable at a short 2 minutes 30 seconds.

“Stuck With Me,” the final song on the EP, has the most substance lyrically. It discusses emotions related to the handling of varying degrees of fame and success, before deciding none of it matters, except that he is “sticking with” his partner. Although this song is also somewhat forgettable, and the first track’s sound may even, as it initially did for me, deter you from listening to the rest of the EP, “Scary Love” and “Heaven” come to the rescue as tracks I’m definitely coming back to. 3.5/5


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