The End of an Era: Fordham Says Goodbye to Beloved Auntie Anne’s

By Christian Decker

Staff Pretzel Enthusiast

As a freshman at Fordham, it has taken me a little while to get used to all the sites, sounds, and nuances of living on campus and taking classes. My first week wasn’t exactly what you’d call fantastic. Sure, my orientation group was really nice, but I lost my room key on the second day of orientation. Not fun at all. One of my biggest concerns however, was what in the Lord’s name was I going to be eating.

After a couple months on campus, I kind of got the lay of the land in terms of what’s good. Cosi, A Crust Above, and Urban Kitchen are nice, and the caf is there to get you through—you get the gist. But one thing that has always remained a constant favorite is the Auntie Anne’s pretzel place below Queen’s Court. Whenever I felt a little overwhelmed with work, or I just needed to eat my feelings with salty or cinnamon pretzel goodness, that’s where I would go. It was the first place I went to that I made me say, “Damn, this is really good”.

Now Fordham wants to take that away from me. I’m genuinely upset about this. I didn’t really have a pretzel place like this back home, and it’s nice to have a place to try some new things. The plan is to replace the pretzel job with an extension of the convenience store set up they have going on right next to it. They sell various over-the-counter medicines and various hygiene supplies at a convenient location (because, you know, convenience store). The university want to expand on it due to the success and popularity of this little cabinet of health-related products the administration. Now I would say that makes a lot of sense, it would be good to give a place for students to get supplies really close to home. Of course, it would be a good idea if we were not in one of the most central, store-filled places in the freaking Bronx.

There are stores that sell everything out there. It is a 5-minute walk from here to stores that sell the same type of goods. There is literally a Walgreens across the street from the library gate. I just don’t get why we must close the Auntie Anne’s to get stuff that is so easily accessible near campus. I mean, I don’t know of any other pretzel places close to here. Why must you rip the joy out of my overworked and tired fingers?

I honestly can’t think of something better you can put in place of that pretzel joint. I mean, sure, there are a lot of food options but how often do you run into pretzels? Sure, there are street vendors or mall food courts, but let’s be real, do you really trust those? Nothing this store could possibly offer me would bring me as much joy as pretzels. I don’t think anything really brings me as much joy as soft pretzels. Yes, there’s family, friends, my girlfriend, shredding guitar solos and all that jazz but who am I kidding here, soft pretzels are the best. They provide a bonding experience for you and all your fun college friends. I’m sure it’s probably good stoner food as well. They aren’t incredibly expensive so you could theoretically shovel a lot into your stomach. Fordham, please don’t close Auntie Anne’s. I would really appreciate it.


An Anonymous Freshman

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