I Swear I Will Have Fun Senior Year or I Will Die in the Attempt

Hey, at least one of us is enjoying ourselves

By John Looby


Senior Year of college, what a time to be alive and by alive I mean bouncing between the pure stress of entering adulthood and the joy of entering into a new phase of my life. I’m quickly being made to come to terms with the fact that I am either (A) “sooo fucked man how do I even do all this and be happy?” or (B) “on the way to a successful and fulfilling adulthood.” In my mind there is absolutely no in between and yet honestly I’m having the most fun I’ve had throughout my entire time here at college. Something about being so close to graduation feels like I can give myself permission to do all the fun things I once considered myself too busy to put the effort into when I was an underclassmen. At this point I will confess that I already do have a job lined up after graduation so that of course does have a huge impact in reducing all that stress some of my other jobless peers may be experiencing, but even with that in mind I think senior year is a great time to finally let yourself cut loose.

As an underclassmen I constantly thought to myself I don’t have time to go into the city or I don’t have the money. I was to say the very least superbly naive. I deprived myself of so many great experiences just because going to the subway seemed like too much of a hassle compared to just staying on this to be honest stunningly beautiful campus. Once I had a pretty great reason to go into the city (dates) I realized I could do so much more with my college experience. Since then I’ve been a fucking roll of adventure folks.

I’ve seen more concerts in this single past semester than I had in all previous years combined. I’ve seen bands I’ve dreamed of seeing for years and I’ve had great company at all of them. Yes, that is indeed my sly way of admitting to being in a relationship. Moving on. Going to school in New York City is one of the greatest opportunities for experiences that any of us will have in our life times and it’s a shame that we squander so much of it just going to the same three bars every weekend until you can recognize where your friends are based on the lighting of their snapchat stories. College for all the stress that we place on ourselves is a relatively low risk environment compared to the doom and gloom of the adult life that us seniors are approaching at an alarming rate. I won’t be able to just abscond from responsibilities and spend my day at the MoMA and movies on a whim when I’m at Fort Leonard Wood for five months.

I would recommend to everyone that you grab up every last glimmer of fun before the fun police come,rain on your parade and make you understand taxes and disposable income. For me this year is all about doing those things that senior in high school John said he was going to when he got accepted to schools in the city. I’m burning through my bucket list as fast as possible. I’m almost to the point where I’m stressed by all the fun I need to have.

Of course with all this fun there are some low points. The biggest of course being the fact that my time here at the paper is coming to an end. Being trapped as an editor down here in the basement of McGinley has been an honor and a privilege. Having a place for hours long rants about niche pop culture has been a much appreciated refuge. I’ll save the true outpouring of emotions about the paper for another time though. I think the only other really key low point is knowing that I’ll be saying goodbye to an environment that allows me to do nothing besides dedicate years of my life to studying literature. The hours I spent in the classroom with professors I admired aren’t something I’m quite ready to give up.

Even with all that I’m giving up here, All I can say is that senior year here at Fordham so far has been a gift. I’ve been having a blast and I can’t wait to see what next semester has to offer me. Without the paper or really many classes at all I think I’ll finally get to finish all that I need to do in the city before the I let the army ship me off and send me onto my next big adventure.

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