Rachel’s Rad Justice League Review

Editor may like Gal Gadot…a lot

by Rachel Poe
Opinions Co-Editor

Honestly, I think I’m lucky regarding the fact that I didn’t grow up with any Marvel content. With each movie that comes out, my only expectations are rooted in the trailers and the previous movies. The problem with Justice League is that I have too many eggs in my basket. I grew up watching DC shows and movies and just being obsessed with this universe of superheroes. Batman: The Animated Series, Teen Titans, Justice League and
Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice- each of these shows send me spiraling back to different points of my childhood with a smack of nostalgia. So far, though, the DC cinematic universe has not been living up to the
expectations of my childhood. Well, expect for Wonder Woman but like who doesn’t like Wonder Woman? Man of Steel was okay, Batman v Superman was a large pile of nothing until those electric cello riffs signaled the glorious return of Diana, Princess of Themyscria, and oh God, don’t even get me started on Academy Award Winning
Suicide Squad. Justice League was a make or break for the DCEU. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the movie. After dealing with constant poor reviews and “Justice League is going to be terrible” from my friends, I wasn’t the most optimistic fan in the theater. But I tried to keep an open mind and yeah, I liked it. It’s not going to be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon or go down as the greatest superhero movie, but it was a much-needed step in the right direction for the DCEU. Truthfully, it highlighted one of the glaring flaws of the DCEU- that it’s trying to do in one movie what Marvel did in six.

If the DCEU continues to try and keep pace with Marvel, they’re just going to faceplant time and time again. They just need to do their thing, build their universe then bring it together. Okay, let’s discuss the plot. It was… okay. It could have used some better writing and another 45 minutes of content. Steppenwolf as a villain was kinda lame not gonna lie and the Mother Boxes could have used more development too. Unfortunately, there’s two cut scenes from Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman that would have set up Justice League. Especially since not every viewer knows the grander context of the Mother Boxes and Darkseid. It was definitely a movie for cliché fanboys, especially considering how many times I saw Gal Gadot’s butt! There’s literally a scene that just pans down her back and up her butt, like what the fuck guys? That’s ridiculously unnecessary.

But there’s actually a lot of good that happens in this movie. Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Gal Gadot- whatever you want to call her, she was fantastic regardless of the blatant sexualization. In the aftermath of her stand-alone, Diana is grappling with reclaiming a leadership role because it went so well the first time. It’s a classic moral
dilemma for superheroes and it works here. Diana usually plays the role of the “heart” in various Justice League continuities, so it was nice to see her step into that role again. And, like, realistically, she’s the only one who should be leading the team anyways. She’s the one with extensive military training. The Flash, played by Ezra Miller, was actually really hilarious. I had my reservations about Ezra Miller, I didn’t know if he could pull it off. The CW’s The Flash, is campy and a little pathetic at best, but this Barry Allen was
awkward, funny, and naïve in the best ways. What’s important about the Flash’s character is that lack of experience doesn’t take away from his ability to be a superhero and it didn’t in the movie. Plus, some of my favorite moments were when he trips at high speeds because same, bro. Aquaman and Cyborg were good too. Not as developed as I would have liked, especially Aquaman. Cyborg at least had a side-plot that involved his father so that added to his depth but Aquaman pretty much goes from “I work
alone” asshole to “reluctant team player” asshole. Not to say that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman wasn’t great, it’s just that the writers could have tried a little harder. But that could be said for most of the movie, let’s be real. (And yes, I’m specifically ignoring BatFleck. It’s not worth my time *hairflip*)

At the end of the day, Justice League isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the movie. The biggest issues with the movie came down to pacing and conflicting director visions. Despite my intense dislike for Joss Whedon and his fake-ass feminism, he was the saving grace for Justice League. Zack Snyder- just go home, buddy. These things can be overlooked easily when you reprioritize what you want out of this movie. If you haven’t seen it, try to stay optimistic. The dynamics are enjoyable, the fight scenes are mostly kickass, and there’s a couple surprises that I think most people can get behind.

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