King Krule: The OOZ review

By John Looby
The latest from King Krule, The OOZ, is exactly what I wanted it to be. Archy Marshall has again created the same sprawling, expansive production that pulled the listener in on Six Feet Beneath The Moon. This new album, while not a drastic departure from the last, is certainly an improvement. The range on this album is much more dynamic. King Krule’s music tends to just flow from one song into the next, making it impossible to differentiate between songs, especially on the first album. It is, however, safe to say that the songs on this album do in fact have distinctions among them. “Biscuit Town” is perhaps the biggest standout on the record. There is a definite power to the track that really shows why it deserves to be the album opener over everything else. If there were any last praise I could give to this album, it would be that it is a great album to fall asleep to. I admit that doesn’t seem like great praise, but Marshall creates an ethereal masterpiece here that emanates one of the most relaxed atmospheres of any recent album I can remember. I’d recommend this album to anyone.
fav track: Biscuit Town
Listen to The OOZ by King Krule on Spotify below

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