The Mountain Goats: Marsh Witch Visions

by Luis Gomez
The Mountain Goats, led by long-time frontman John Darnielle, have been producing records since 1994. That spans sixteen studio albums and a smattering of EPs. With that many projects out there in the world, the search for something new is much more difficult. Goths, the most recent Mountain Goats LP, achieved this by doing away with guitar anywhere on the album, which yielded some interesting results. Now, on Marsh Witch Visions, the guitar returns, in the form of four unreleased acoustic tracks and a demo version of “Rain in Soho,” which appeared on Goths. Darnielle’s also written a book on Black Sabbath, and the four new songs on this record are all based on the life of Ozzy Osbourne. The only sounds on this EP are Darnielle’s voice and his guitar, and it’s this minimalism that makes the project most endearing, calling to mind early albums like Zopilote Machine and All Hail West Texas. There’s a typical splash of Mountain-Goats-esque wordplay, and the tone is generally mopey, with occasional excitement like on “California Jam.” However, the EP’s biggest fault is that it’s essentially leftover material – new Mountain Goats is always fantastic, but now I want more and I can’t have it.
fav track: No More Tears
Listen to Marsh Witch Visions on Spotify below

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