JFK Documents Reveal Alien Existence

Faker Than Truth

By Nick Peters

News Co-Editor

Earlier this week, President Trump announced that he intends to release documents regarding the Kennedy assassination. His claims of YUGE news has kept most besides conspiracy theorists disinterested.

However, these documents shed a surprising and terrifying light on both the tragic event and the state of our world. It was aliens. Aliens killed JFK.

It appears that at the time they believed that the President was the leader of our planet. The aliens could not actually comprehend that an entire race of beings would be so divided and fight with each other.

This news re-contextualizes the Cold War after the Kennedy assassination. This passive aggressive conflict between two titanic countries morphed into an arms race to protect the world from an impending invasion. The very idea of nuclear deterrence changed from deterring each other, to deterring aliens.

This strategy has obviously been effective, solely due to the sheer amount of nuclear armaments each country has produced, and continues to produce.

Further, years ago a group of leaders and scientists, spearheaded by Al Gore, fabricated a story about Global Warming in order to present the world as doomed, to further dissuade aliens from invading.

After releasing these documents, Trump tweeted out: “See I told everyone. Illegal aliens are biggest threat to US. This is why I want way more nukes and military. Stupid dems don’t realize” This sheds light on his requests for a massive increase in the military and nuclear armaments. “We believe they will launch invasion soon” Now, #MAGA has been renamed to Make Aliens Gone Again.

The Faker Than Truth are articles which are made up, satirical (99% of the time) news stories. They are not real news stories. So aliens did not kill JFK I’m sorry History Channel.

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