The Killers: Wonderful Wonderful review

John looby

The Killer’s new album Wonderful Wonderful has nothing objectively wrong with it, besides the fact that I fell asleep three songs in the first time I started listening to it because boy is this album okay.  Imagine if someone told you to make an album by The Killers—this is probably what you would throw together. It sounds like it will eventually be background music in four different TV shows. When Brandon Flowers asks if all the songs have been written, all I can really say is that it really sounds like you guys have hit your limit. I usually pick out stand out songs when reviewing an album, but I honestly can’t remember any of the songs distinctly. Nothing was bad—it’s just that I wasn’t really impressed by any aspect of the album. “The Man” stands out just because it was a single, and I’d already heard it a bunch of times. The Killers are never going to move past “Mr. Brightside” for a lot of people, and this album didn’t do much to change that fact at all if you ask me. From the production to the lyrics, it was all just “Oh yeah, that’s a song by The Killers.” That is by no means a bad thing, but honestly, at this point do we really care?

fav track: The Man

Listen to Wonderful Wonderful below.

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