Juicy J: Highly Intoxicated

Juicy J links up with $uicideboy$ for a dark and druggy project.

By Connor Murray

Being in the rap game since the early 1990’s, Juicy J has been a respected name in hip-hop through many phases of the genre. The former Three 6 Mafia member has consistently found ways to stay relevant as an MC, whether it be with production for 808 Mafia or Mike WiLL Made-It, or through features for artists such as Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and others. This is no different on his new mixtape Highly Intoxicated, as it contains everything you would want from a Juicy J tape: his infectious voice, catchy hooks, interesting flows, solid features (excluding a questionable Cardi B hook), and exciting production.

Juicy J raps over typical 808 Mafia beats and his own production as well as the production of hip-hop group $uicideboy$. Clearly influenced by the dark sounds of Juicy J’s Three 6 Mafia days, tracks produced by $uicideboy$ are where the Memphis MC shines the most, as they combine popular drums of today’s hip-hop sound, dark melodies that made him popular twenty years ago, and his patented, recognizable voice and flow. They even sample old Three 6 Mafia songs in their production, causing this weird, cyclical circlejerk between them and the Memphis rap group.

Lyrically, don’t expect Juicy J to stray from his usual subjects of choice, such as drugs, strippers, and money. In addition, his hooks, while catchy and easily memorable, can be somewhat repetitive. This is exemplified by “Call My Lawyer,” on which he raps “Johnny Cochran” around eight times in the chorus. On the other hand, hooks and verses on songs like “What Did I Do” stand in complete contrast and exemplify decent lyricism.

To be honest, I was shocked about how cohesive and solid this mixtape was. However I shouldn’t have been surprised, because Highly Intoxicated is a prime example of Juicy J using new sounds and concepts in rap and adapting to them, staying relevant in the process. As he spits on “What Did I Do,” “The players always change, but the bosses stay the same.” At 42 years old, he’s been a boss in the game for many years, and there is no sign of him stopping.

fav track: Freaky


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