Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold Review


Grohl and company are back again!

By Christian Decker

When Dave Grohl, the lead singer and songwriter of Foo Fighters, first described the sound of their new record, he said it was like Pink Floyd had a baby with Motorhead. I think this is the perfect statement to describe Foo Fighter’s newest addition to their arsenal, Concrete and Gold. The album runs for about 48 minutes and has 11 tracks. The album has an odd mix of different styles on it, including punk, a bit of metal, and some psychedelic elements. It’s very different than some of their earlier works, but the evolution of their sound is what makes it so interesting.

Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer, is back on vocals for a six-minute bluesy ballad called “Sunday Rain.” It’s a cool and unique song that really captures Taylor’s voice and the musical diversity that the Foos are capable of. Some other notable tracks include “Run,” which incorporates a lot of metal elements and Grohl’s classic screaming, “The Sky is a Neighborhood,” which is a weird, trippy, kind of punk song, and “La Dee Da,” a song with really awesome political undertones and a peppy and fast beat. My personal favorite is “The Line,” which has an alternative feel and honestly sounds freaking awesome with Grohl’s more melodic voice.

Overall, I love this album. It’s a great comeback after their hiatus after their last EP. I’d give it about a nine out of ten. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though—I’m a pretty big Foo Fighters fanboy.

fav track: La Dee Da

Listen to Concrete and Gold on Spotify below


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