The Trumpster: the Presidency So Far and the State of our Union

Spoiler: Trump’s not doing so hot

by Christian Decker

Staff Policy Correspondent

It’s been almost a full year since President Trump took the oath of office in January and became the leader of the free world. How has the country fared since then? Well, that all depends on your perspective. The President himself is a very polarizing issue.

If you don’t support him, the presidency has been an utter shit show. There has been scandal after scandal. Half of his cabinet has either resigned, been forced to resigned, or fired. DACA has been repealed (be honest, did anyone really know what that was until the Orange repealed it?). There has been a travel ban that locked out U.S. Citizens briefly from entering the country. War is looming with North Korea and THAT guy has the nuclear codes?

Now the tune is very different if you’re a supporter. The stock market is doing great (pretty sure it’s still Obama’s fiscal year but whatever). There is finally someone who really cares about us in office. Our veterans will finally get the care and treatment they deserve. Our military is stronger than ever. We can finally kick those illegals out of the country for stealing our jobs (adjusts cowboy hat and fake teeth between sips of moonshine)!

Ok, maybe the last parenthesis was a little uncalled for, but the point is we are living in divided times. Maybe that was apparent during the Obama presidency, but think I now more than ever it is glaringly obvious. And to be quite honest, half of the damn fighting is about the fucking president. Who is this man? A wealthy business executive turned freedom fighter, or just an asshole?

Trump made a name for himself on the reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice,” being divorced twice (ha-ha family values), real estate, and selling his name to anyone and everyone who would take it. He was sent to military school by his father for being a troublemaker and technically might have dodged the Vietnam war draft (dick move, dude). I mean do not get me wrong, other people have done it, but to fake an injury and then proceed to play sports is a shitty thing to do.

This was the guy that was elected into office, like it or not. Now, we had an alternative, Hillary Clinton. We’re lucky here in America, we get two terrible choices for President. She had a good track record of experience to be president; however, she ran one of the worst campaigns ever. After losing the election, she proceeded to blame everyone but herself for the loss. She slammed Bernie Sanders in her book after he conceded and helped her on the campaign trail. That’s disgusting, to be honest. I digress; it was a horrible election.

But let us get back to Trump. Has he been good for the country? Again the answer is subjective, but I would argue no. The question remains: why do people support him? Most people wanted change, and I get that, but did you really hate Obama that much that you wanted to elect Trump? Is that where we are at as a country right now?

I still cannot grasp why many people support this man. Family values my ass! Melania is his third wife, and he has a daughter named Tiffany that he’s pretty much alienated (Remember Tiffany? No? Nobody else does either). Free market conservative? The guy is a fiend for tariffs (import taxes for those of you who don’t know). It’s like the right ceased to have a spine (*cough* Paul Ryan *cough*) because they REALLY hated Clinton. Do not get me wrong though, she is not exactly likeable.

This is not to say that I find Trump likeable, either; quite the opposite. I have yet to see a significant policy change that really makes a positive difference on American lives. Travel ban? Does more harm than good. DACA? Just to please the idiots who couldn’t find a job so it must be a Mexican’s fault. He still has not built the freaking wall that will totally keep out all the illegal immigrants that stay after their green card expires, or take planes and boats, and Mexico still is not paying for it. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a policy to actually help our vets get off the streets and get better healthcare

The dude also has no sense of the dignity of the office. If you’re going to help Harvey survivors, don’t say: “Look at this crowd!” The man had to do a televised apology for saying that he would grab women by their genitals. He refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand for no apparent reason. I mean, just having Steve Bannon in your cabinet is bad enough, and Jeff Sessions is not much better.     He also didn ot handle the whole Charlottesville situation very well.  Antifa can definitely be excessive a lot of the time, but when you are dealing with Nazis, it should be pretty fucking hard to say there were some good people on that side. Now of course they had a right to spew their hateful bullshit, but that only protects them from the government, not people who hate everything that those “patriotic Americans” stand for.

There is also the pardon of Arizona county sheriff, Joe Arpaio. This is taking backing the blue to a whole new level. The presidential pardon is a powerful tool and to use it on that douchenozzle is atrocious. Arpaio is quoted with saying that he set up “concentration camps” in his prisons. If you are using Nazi terminology to be proud of yourself you deserve to be punched in the face, like Richard Spencer.

Now, I know a lot of Trumpkins are going to get mad at this article. I do not hate you guys, honestly. I think political discourse is healthy and necessary. But I must insist that you take heed of at least some of the stuff I am saying here. Stop calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you a cuck, and don’t be a snowflake, my friend.


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