Trump Doesn’t Give a Hoot: Birds and The Oil Industry

This bird is in a political predicament that will affect us all.

By Claire Nunez

Ah yes, the Sage Grouse– a bird that I heard described on the radio too many times today as “chicken-sized,” is yet another animal in danger of dying due to the effects of climate change.  So what is the big deal? Many animals are going to die because of centuries of human neglect for our planet, we probably will too.  Who cares about the grouse, cooked with sage? Well, I do.  I care about this bird and every other creature threatened by our destruction of the planet.

But what is so important about this specific bird?

Well my friends, I listen to NPR every morning on my way to my internship because I am a news nerd. A while ago, an interesting take on climate change included the story of the Sage Grouse.  This large bird that kinda looks like a turkey mashed with a quail, used to roam all around the Western Plains of the U.S.  The bird used to be a bit like the pigeon of the West but now there are fewer than 500,000.  They died out because the poor lil’ guys lost their habitats from over building in their home states.  The Obama administration decided it must protect the Sage Grouse because apparently it is a decently cool bird.  Just look at it.


Okay, so what is the damn problem now?

No surprise to most environmentalists and decent human beings alike, Donald Trump does not give a hoot about the Sage Grouse.  I mean, it is not like these birds are very attractive or anything.  They’re actually super ugly.

The land that the Sage Grouse lives on is very oil-rich.  Trump sees this as an opportunity to try and push an economic boom.  So, this Grouse can go exist somewhere else.  Many environmentalists think that this could spell out the end for the Sage Grouse. I think we can all agree that would seriously suck.

Why you should care:

The Sage Grouse may not be a big part of your life.  You probably haven’t even heard of it until today.  That’s fine, but you need to realize that this is a problem.  A lot of animals are endangered; more in 2017 than ever before.  With so many creatures at risk, I think it is time that we put aside the debate of whether or not climate change is man-made or not.

The Sage Grouse dilemma just illustrates that we need to be mindful of the other animals that live among us.  Yes, it probably seems like a worthless bird, but that bird is part of a greater ecosystem– and yes, I did get all third grade on you all with a food 2

Thanks to some random biology teacher with a Google Site, I am showing you all that protecting small, obscure animals is important. It is a part of a huge ecosystem.  Without it the land would become untamed, other animals would go extinct, and we may lose our access to other great resources that this area provides.  So Trump, it may be more beneficial to keep on protecting this ugly, feathery thing.

Side note: you may know all this and recognize the ~Sage Grouse’s incredible place~ on this planet, but you should do something about it.  Call a rep, write some letters, dress up in a vegan Sage Grouse costume, just get the word out and protect our ecosystems!


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