Uh-Oh SpaghettiOs: A Food Review of Some Childhood Faves

Nostalgia doesn’t always taste so good.

By Claire Nunez

Taste can always bring you back to a different time in your life; a simpler, easier time.  Kinda like the scene in Ratatouille when the food critic eats the dish and is sent back to his mom’s kitchen.  Food can make you relive the good and the bad.  I decided to try a ton of classic kid foods to make myself feel five again.

Disclaimer: I did not eat this shitily all the time, these are just the dishes that most people can maybe relate to.  I also did not eat this all in one sitting FYI. 

Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks

I cannot say I have had these since, probably, the fifth grade.  The metallic packaging made me think of snack time and I sighed a bit.  Why can’t we have those in college? When I opened the package, I totally forgot that the little “fruit” pieces were neon.  Cause that is totally natural.  I have to say my palette must’ve matured or something because the sticky sweetness of this snack was too much.  I feel like I was picking pieces of Scooby out of my teeth for hours.  I was disappointed, but the snack itself did make me think of elementary school again.  I had some good times in recess.

Chicken Nuggets…and Apple Sauce

When I was younger, I refused to eat chicken nuggets because the thought of eating meat freaked me out.  It is kinda ironic that I am not now a vegetarian.  The only way my mom could get me to eat chicken nuggets was with apple sauce.  This is actually still a decent combo.  The subtle saltiness of those baked nuggets and the soft sweetness of the apple sauce: simply divine.  I was brought back to nights after swim practice when I used to devour those little chicken bites.

Ellio’s Pizza Cut into Bite Sized Pieces

This dish could not be completed without cooling the pizza down completely.  I was really into this frozen pizza in middle school for some reason.  I never want to go back to that hell of a time.  I had a perm.  It looked super bad.  Anyway, the Ellio’s was pretty good.  It still kinda tastes like cardboard, but good quality cardboard.  The bite sized pieces were a great idea on my part because the sauce on Ellio’s is slippery and totally would’ve gone all over me.  It was actually as good as I remembered– if not better.  Maybe it’s because I sorta know how to cook it now.

Buttered Hot Dog Bun

Cold cuts freaked out my brain when I was a kid and I still don’t eat them.  Buttered hot dog buns were often my lunch “sandwich” because I was so damn picky. All I am going to say is this is pretty disgusting. 0/10 would not recommend. You will be ridiculed in the cafeteria.

Nesquik Chocolate Milk

This one is kinda cheating because I drink this all the time.  I use a small spoonful of the chocolate powder in my milk to give it some pizazz if I want something sweet.  I made this one like I would have wanted to when I was a little kid: with as much powder as chemically possible.  I made a super saturated solution (don’t quote me on this though I haven’t taken chem since high school.)  It was sweet and good and incredible.  I loved every sip.  I don’t even care how many calories were in this concoction.

Lukewarm SpaghettiOs

I was really craving these the other day so I drove over to the grocery store to buy some. I ate these all the time for lunch in high school; a much better time for me and my hair.  I would bring my lil’ thermos and be the envy all my friends with my ~warm~ food.  I heated these up on the stove and I got a little impatient because I was starving.  I ate them pretty much cold. I enjoyed them, but then I realized that the whole can is 50% of your daily sodium intake. WTF! I drank like 6 water bottles to save my body after this.

This was certainly an experience.  I don’t think it brought back any significant feelings or memories.  I liked eating all of this stuff for the most part.  I have to say that I would rather leave most of this stuff in my childhood though.  My tastebuds must have grown up with me.

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