Avocados are the Main Event at The Avocado Show

This place is for true avocado fans only.

by Claire Nunez

Okay, I am going to be honest here, I don’t understand the avocado obsession.  I grew up with my dad eating avocados at almost every meal and they used to gross me out.  Don’t get me wrong, I now love a good avocado.  I just didn’t jump at the chance to go to The Avocado Show like some of my friends did.  Even though my heart didn’t skip a beat at the thought of an avocado-only restaurant, I do not regret going at all.

The wait is super long, so get here early.

The Avocado Show is a restaurant close to the center of Amsterdam that is known for having a menu that strongly features this soft, green fruit.  Literally, everything on the menu– from drinks to desserts– has avocado in it.  I played it a little safe and ordered the CAT Sandwich, a piece of bread with truffle mayo, slightly spicy chicken, and fresh avocado on top.  It was so good and filling.  The mayo and the avocado provided a smooth contrast to the spicy chicken.  The bread was a bit dense, but it held up well under all of chicken and avocado.  My only annoyance at this dish was that it had to be eaten with a fork and knife which made me question its label as a sandwich, but whatever.  It was still amazing. IMG_4661.jpg

My friend, Victorya ordered The Super Salad which had nuts, quinoa, avocado, and a ton of greens.  It was beautiful (sorry, I don’t have a picture) and she said it was super filling.  It totally lived up to its name.

After eating a heck ton of avocados, we decided to go for even more.  We ordered a dessert– The Very Berry Waffle.  This was the best decision I made in Amsterdam so far.  The waffle was warm and the avocado mixed with chocolate provided an awesome butteriness.  It was so good and, like all the dishes so far, beautiful.  The presentation at this place is FANTASTIC. Everything comes out with flower petals on it and just has this great contrast in colors.


The Avocado Show is a super cool place and I would highly recommend it to super avocado fans.  The menu prices range from seven to fifteen Euro.  It is pretty affordable for great food.  If you do decide to eat here, go at an off-time.  The restaurant gets hectic and wait times are long.

Avocado fans, you are totally welcome.

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