Check Out Van Leeuwan’s for Some Pretty AND Flavorful Ice Cream

This ice cream is simple, all-natural, and delicious!

By Katie Moore-Gillon
Staff Foodie

Focused on serving ice cream with basic, all-natural ingredients, Van Leeuwan Ice Cream mixes classic decadence with unique flavors to create a memorable dessert. It’s endearing to me, because it is not one of those fad dessert places that turns their food into gormless, store-bought, sugar junk piles for the sake of “aesthetics.” The ice cream itself is so simple! They use just fresh milk, cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks, so all of the key ingredients could really stand out.

image (7).jpeg

I was drawn to the Honeycomb and Fresh Mint and Rhubarb flavors. The Honeycomb was sweet, but not too sugary. It was so rich and filling, but there was a mildness to it that kept it from being overpowering. I loved finding warm, sugary, chewy chunks of actual Honeycomb in the ice cream. It melted right into the refreshing Fresh Mint and Rhubarb flavor. The mint was so crisp, and there was a zesty sweetness to the rhubarb.

This really is a place focused on taste and ice cream done right (rather than just appearance). Their location, 152 W 10th street, is about a 30 minute (leisurely!) walk from Penn Station, so I’d highly recommend picking a clear day and heading over.

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