A Lazy Saturday and Breakfast in Bed

Make this quick weekend breakfast, pop in The Breakfast Club, and start your day off right!

By Katie Moore-Gillon
Staff Foodie

According to American journalist John Gunther, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” I firmly believe that nothing is better than snuggling up in your own bed, except when there’s breakfast to go with it. Take just 20 minutes to emerge from your cocoon to whip up a tray of delicious bits and pieces to take with you before you disappear back into the sheets. The perfect breakfast tray, in my mind, includes juice, water, an egg dish, toast with jam and butter, and berries. There’s nothing here too fussy or complex, rather it’s adding some special touches to some simple things.

For the drinks:  

-Use the nicest glasses you have for the juice (when else do you really use them other than holidays?).

-Slice fresh fruit in your water to give it some extra flavor.

-If you like coffee or tea, be sure to use your favorite mug and add in extra sugar this time!

For the  eggs:    

-I made a very simple baked egg dish. First, I preheated the oven to 375 degrees. Then, I got a small ramekin and melted a tablespoon of butter in, along with a tablespoon of Boursin cheese and a splash of milk (about 2 tablespoons). I mixed these three together and then cracked in two eggs. Then, I got a baking tray that was about 3 inches deep up the sides and filled up to about an inch with hot water. Once the oven was ready, I placed the ramekin in the baking tray and placed the dish in the oven for 15 minutes. Once it was ready, I topped the dish with fresh chives.

For the toast:  

-I used sourdough bread as it’s clearly my favorite for the toast. About two minutes before the timer was about to ring for the eggs, I sliced the bread and placed it in the toaster and put some butter and jam into separate small cups so that the butter would soften.

For the berries:  

-Any will do. I just had blueberries on hand, but I like berries because they offer a good bunch of antioxidants to start the day. I top them with some mint and a tiny bit of sugar for extra sweetness.

I really do want to emphasize how this took me such little time and effort and really made my morning. Bring this up to bed, turn on a sit-com on your computer or read a favorite book and bask in the wonderful morning you’ve made for yourself.

This content was originally posted on Katie’s website. Check it out!

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