Tra Di Noi: A Traditional and Sophisticated Little Italy Restaurant

Bring your parents to this Bronx restaurant when they visit!

By Katie Moore-Gillon
Staff Foodie

Tra Di Noi, which in Italian translates to between us, offers a simple yet honest atmosphere that’s nothing short of the traditional Italian restaurant. Atop the red-checkered tablecloth and under the gaze of subjects from old portraits strung on the walls, my group and I explored the main pasta dishes for lunch and dinner. We were pleased with the simple composure of the bright, fresh ingredients. We started out with a refreshing buratta salad. The sour, milky buratta sat on curled roasted peppers and sliced tomatoes. The peppers were sweet and a little bitter and the tomatoes were light and flavorful. It needed a little extra salt, but the dish as a whole presented a clean and refreshing taste after each bite.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.43.51 AMRavioli con Pomidori & Basilico

We then enjoyed their savory Fettucine Alla Alfredo. The Alfredo was rich and creamy, but that wasn’t to mask anything, as it needed no extra seasoning. The thick, long strands of fettucine hosted a strong, wholesome flavor that gave me a sense that this is what Alfredo is supposed to taste like. The portion was not overwhelming, and the dish felt like the perfect amount for a fulfilling meal without overstepping.

Their Ravioli con Pomidori & Basilico was cloaked in a sweet yet tart tomato sauce. The ravioli was cooked al dente, giving it the perfect bite while holding fresh, sweet, ricotta cheese. The flavors were direct and memorable, making this a stand out dish for the perfect composition accompanied by the on-point essence. It was honestly such a shift from the lame, watery ravioli I’m used to eating in restaurants. The ingredients here were so concentrated, it was clear that this was ravioli done right. We delved in to the oily Fettuccine Carbonarawhich wasn’t too strong, but incredibly well seasoned. There were thick chunks of chewy, ultra-salty and sour pancetta within the carbonara, making it a satisfying plate for any carnivore to search through the dense pasta.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.43.36 AMRavioli con Pomidori & Basilico

I wish I had the chance to try more of the entrées, but it’s something I’ll look forward to next year. Tra Di Noi offered wonderful dishes, with a poignant sense of direction towards a step above traditional comfort food. This is certainly one of the more sophisticated restaurants in Bronx, Little Italy and between us, one of my favorites.

This article was originally posted on Katie’s website. Check it out!

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