Mom’s Breakfast Sandwich

This is the perfect summer sandwich to scam people into thinking you can cook

By Katie Moore-Gillon

Staff Foodie

While I was home for a break in between my exams, the first question I asked my mom (before “how was your day?” or “need help with anything around the house?”) was “MOoooOoOMoMOmM…….can you make me something to eat plz :)))))” After which, she rolled her eyes and, as she always does, created a wonderful, new concoction effortlessly and out of thin air. It’s a breakfast sandwich with eggs, Mexican cheese, cilantro, orange pepper, and a perfectly cushy sesame bun (and a few other ingredients). It took about 10 minutes and is something YOU can make for YOUR parents (or just send them the link to this and have them make it for you lol). Either way it’s a perfect meal for the summer.


Serves 1


2 Eggs

Handful of spinach

1 Sesame bun

South African Seasoning

1/4 cup of Mexican Blend Cheese (for each side of the bun, 1/2 cup total)

1/4 of an orange pepper (these are good because they’re a little sweeter)

A small pinch of cilantro

Ground pepper to taste

Sauté the peppers and spinach in olive oil on medium/high for 2-4 minutes. Then, add the eggs and scramble them. Add a grind of pepper and smoked South African seasoning. This seems like a really unusual ingredient, but you can get it at Trader Joe’s . It is absolutely worth the investment as it goes with anything. If you don’t have/can’t be bothered to go get that, salt will work (but you’re really missing out)!

While the vegetables and eggs are cooking split the sesame bun and top each side with 1/4 a cup of the cheese. Put that under a broiler until it’s melted. Turn the heat off for the eggs once the cheese has melted (or once they’re cooked) and sprinkle on some cilantro. When the bread is ready put the scrambled egg and veggie mix between the two sesame halves.

image (1)

This content originally appeared on Katie’s website. Check it out!

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